Crocs Shoes

There are hardly any shoes that are so hotly debated: they would not even wear them at home, the others can not imagine anything more comfortable and a well-known designer has already included them in his collection, the talk is of Crocs shoes. Especially the clogs knows everyone and whether they are cursed or loved, they are practical and super comfortable and apart from the well-known model, the brand also has to offer something else. From sandals to ballerinas to boots for you, him and even children, everything is there. Discover the world of Crocs shoes with our guide and let you convince yourself!

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Crocs shoes for everyday wear

Yes, you can hardly believe it, but with the right styling, Crocs shoes are real eye-catchers. And because they are so incredibly convenient and convenient, they are great for everyday life. With Crocs ballerinas you can do a shopping day quite comfortably, as well as boyfriend jeans and a casual T-shirt and the look is perfect. With the classic Crocs Clogs you can also create a very individual style for a simple maxi dress. So you will be everywhere for a glance.

With Crocs shoes on vacation

Thanks to the high functionality of the Crocs shoes, they also fit perfectly into any type of holiday. Whether sand, water or rocky subsoils for every eventuality, there is the right shoe. With gorgeous rubber boots and the appropriate raincoat, you will be dry for the exciting water migration by the sea. Flip flops from Crocs are great for the beach, the perfect bikini or a cool swim suit and you’re protected from hot sand and stony ground.

Crocs Shoes in Second Hand and Sale

For those who are not so sure about the shoes of Crocs and therefore do not want to spend too much money, Secondhand is exactly the right thing. Because here too at Catchys, there is a large selection of Crocs shoes, models of all kinds are here ready for you to buy. For the great bargain price you can convince yourself here of the advantages of the Crocs. Have fun shopping!

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When the models entered the catwalk at the Christopher Kane Fashion Show for Spring / Summer 17 in Crocs, the astonishment was great. Instead of high heels and pumps came suddenly this terribly beautiful model in the focus. That the clogs of Crocs but also high fashion can prove the British designer but all times. Now you can buy not only in the design business the cool treads, but also with Crocs itself. This can be called a real revolution, because what Fashionistas previously felt as no-go has suddenly become the trend. But these super comfortable and practical shoes you just have to love. Even if the optics at first sight is a little habituation, with the right outfit, the different Crocs models can become the real highlight and you become a true stylicone. What Birkenstock have done long ago, Crocs can all times. So quickly secure a pair before all are out of print!


Crocs Shoes Clogs

The very special shoe, which splits not only the fashion world, but also the rest of the society, are the iconic burners of Crocs, the distinctive clogs. The selection of different Clog models for women and men could hardly be any bigger, in every conceivable color, with batik patterns or glittering, for every taste there is the matching pair. And even if the shoes split the minds, they have already made it onto the international catwalks. In his collection for spring / summer 2017, the British designer Christopher Kane showed his interpretation of Crocs’ clogs. Since then also some fashionistas no longer frighten by the comfortable and practical shoe. If you can also argue about the optics, practically the clogs are all times. Whether a water-friendly Swiftwater model or with warm fur sole, for every weather there is also the right model. Crocs shoes cost between 29.99 € and 69.99 €. Also here at Catchys there is a large Secondhand selection. Whether at home or on the street, the Crocs clogs require a sophisticated styling and can be a real sight.

Crocs ballerinas

If you like it most comfortably, but do not want to miss out on a feminine and playful note, the ballerinas from Crocs are just right. In addition to a high level of comfort, you also get a pair of Crogs ballerinas to make a shoe of fun. Whether in bright violet, with wild animal print or with colorful flower patterns, here again and again no wishes remain open. Of course, there are also some models that do without any frills, for example in black or muted colors. In addition, you can choose between different styles, sometimes as a classic ballerina or rather a model, which reminds more of the clogs – you have the choice. New to buy the ballerinas from Crocs between 29.99 € and 54.99 €. Second-hand models are also available at Catchys at great bargain prices. Whether for an airy dress or jeans, the ballerinas from Crocs are a cozy alternative to the Lederballerina.

Crocs Flip Flops & Sandals

What you wear in the summer rather than flips flops or sandals. They are comfortable, you can easily slip in easily and they look good. Casual and practical mules of all kinds are also available by Crocs. The shoes are available in different shapes and colors and make the summer even a little bit lighter. Whether as a toe seamer, with straps or as a slides, for you and him there is everything your heart desires. The flip flops and sandals from Crocs are now available between 29.99 € and 69.99 €. Also here at Catchys there are some models favorably in second hand. To bikini or swimwear, skirt or shorts, Crocs sandals are guaranteed your new favorites for the summer.

Crocs sneaker

Even the trend shoes of the last few seasons may not be missing in the assortment of Crocs, the still and always popular sneaker. The models of Crocs come as always in colorful and striking, sometimes in simple and reserved therefore. Whether for lacing or hatching, here comfort and functionality are once again at the top. The comfortable sneakers are available for women and men and no matter what style you prefer, you will surely find one here. The various Crocs models cost between € 34.99 and € 64.99. In everyday life, the shoes are particularly good, whether it’s a cool jeans or a T-shirt look, or just for sports, the sneakers from Crocs carry you comfortably everywhere.

Crocs boots

Whether you are looking for practical rubber boots or fluffy warm winter boots, the shoes with the high shaft are versatile and can be used in many different designs. So with Crocs, from the squeaky gel boots to cuddly winterboots, everything is here. Even hiking boots and ankle boots with heel can be found here. For women and men there is no need for boots. Crocs is the right pair of boots for every occasion, for every occasion and especially for every weather situation. The different models are priced between 39.99 € and 149.99 €. Also here at Catchys you will find a large selection of Crocs boots from second hand and at low prices. Whether in the mud at the festival or in the snow on the ski slope, with Crocs boots you are armed for everything.

Crocs children’s shoes

Crocs also has the same range of shoes as the big ones for the little ones. Whether clogs, sandals, mules or boots, Crocs offers the different models also for children. In addition to simple colored shoes, there are also some decorated with figures from the Disney and comic world, no matter whether the princess or the favorite superhero, every child will find his own taste and find a model with his own idol. And for the very own look, there are also small applications, which you can attach to the shoe itself, depending on your needs, making the Crocs even more fun. Of course here also water-friendly Swiftwater shoes or robust boots are offered, which can withstand every puddle and every sandbox. New cost children’s shoes from Crocs between 16.99 € and 49.99 €. Here at Catchys, there is also a wide selection of Crocs children’s shoes from second hand and at reasonable prices. Whether in the nursery, gardening or simply for the home, Crocs children’s shoes will make the whole world a playground.


Sizes at Crocs shoes

Crocs shoes are the sizes indicated in the standard EU units. There are different women, men and children sizes. In addition, some models are also available in unisex sizes. The size of the unisex shoes go even further, they start from size 36 and can go with some models up to size 51. The children’s shoes range from size 19 to size 34.

Material of Crocs shoes

The Crocs shoes are made of a unique, specially developed material, which makes up a great part of the specificity of the shoes. The fabric is called Croslite and is made from a synthetic resin mixture. Thanks to the Croslite material, an even better fit, optimum wearing comfort and a radiance of the colors are guaranteed. In addition, the fabric can also be washed simply by hand or machine.


In order to style Crocs shoes for your normal everyday life you may need more creativity and imagination than with an everyday sneaker. From the functional shoes is far more to get out than just a slipper. How about an iconic clog with a striking batik pattern on Christopher Kane? This fits super a T-shirt dress in black and great statement earrings. For the ultimate festival look, Crocs rubber boots are perfect, combined with jeans shorts, tank top and transparent raincape. Comfortable toe seams can be optimally styled to the beach outfit: swimwear, sunglasses, Kappi and ready. If there is still some inspiration missing, we have a Pinterest board round and looks with shoes from Crocs rausgesucht. Discover unexpected combinations here.