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Unique, self-assured and full of energy: Tom Tailor classic American style with the Player's Attitude. A brand for all the undaunted, who are looking for variety, fun and adventure. "Life is a game, play it - be confident, dress in style". What is meant by the fact that life in the city of your desires is a game in which everything is possible. A pretty tough match - but not for the one who knows the rules. These rules apply to all fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen who love to dress with shirts. Men's shirts and shirt blouses for ladies from Tom Tailor ensure a sporty to sporty and elegant appearance and can be combined in many ways. Get ready and play with. Everything you need is available at Catchys.

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Combination possibilities with Tom Tailor Shirts

Tom Tailor – a name that stands for fashion, individuality and quality in shirts

Tom Tailor is widely known for the best brand quality in top fashionable designs for a good price / performance ratio in shirts. The trend label, which was founded more than 50 years ago in the Modemetropole Hamburg, became one of the most popular fashion brands in Germany. The lifestyle specialist has also made a name for itself internationally and is now successfully represented in more than 35 countries. Do you belong to the numerous fans of the world famous brand? Catchys offers you a wide selection of Tom Tailor shirts in second-hand and sale.

With short sleeves, long sleeves or fashionable extras? – Tom Tailor Shirts

Tom Tailor shirts for men are inspired by fashionable designs as well as figurative cuts. Tom Tailor presents a wide range of shirts in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose between checkered patterns, plain shirts, models in the polo shirt, as well as chic frontprints. The Tom Tailor shirts are convincing by their comfortable wearing comfort – most of the models are made of 100% cotton. Characteristic of the Tom Tailor shirts for men is the fashionable and figurbetonte close cut. Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, Tom Tailor meets the fashion requirements of stylish men.

Tom Tailor Women’s Ankle Boots – The Perfect Casual Shoes

How about one of the stylishly patterned Tom Tailor Karo shirts, which, despite their subtle check pattern, look anything but small? Or maybe it should be one of the comfortably light Tom Tailor short-sleeved shirts with an extra-large check pattern in summery moods? Or are you looking for a chic Tom Tailor shirt that has a fine striped pattern, decorative ornamental seams, a classic collar and beveled cuffs? No matter what color and design: Tom Tailor Shirts offers shirts at a good price / performance ratio. Choose your personal favorite and order now Tom Tailor Pullover.

Tom Tailor Shirts at Second-Hand & Sale at Catchys

The quality and design of the brand Tommy Hilfiger is not a mocking price, which is why shirts from the last season as well as retro models are very popular. Tom Tailor Shirts of the best quality and much cheaper? Second-hand or sale can be a wonderful treasure trove for a small budget. For the sum you pay for a single shirt, you will already get several secondhand or sale parts of the brand. So you are not infrequently buying a first class combination of different parts at the price of one. Find your new favorite piece in Second Hand or Sale on Catchys!

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Alternatives to Tom Tailor Shirts

You’ve been dreaming of Tom Tailor shirts for a long time, but would like to see you similar labels. Maybe an alternative with similar characteristics and good quality could convince you? Catchys shows you some equivalent alternative brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions that we have selected for you: 1. Esprit shirts: Esprit shirts are in every wardrobe of men, from casual to sporty to elegant – with a shirt you are always well-dressed. Hardly a label combines so much serenity with class in shirts. The Californian brand achieves an invigorating coolness without any unnecessary frills. The unadulterated look of the Esprit shirts is just right for everything and you feel immediately. The exhilarating simplicity that the label is able to use every time leaves a smile behind every touch. Same price category as Tom Tailor. 2. S’Oliver Shirts: An alternative to Tom Tailor shirts, yet perfectly styled in every living situation, but always nice and uncomplicated – do you want that too? Then you have made the perfect choice with a S.Oliver shirt. Especially for men, S.Oliver offers great shirts looks which provide surprises for every occasion. In this company, too, quality is a top priority and has even been awarded for it. We’re sure, at S.Oliver you’ll find your new shirt, just waiting to be executed by you.

Popular blouses from Tom Tailor

Men’s fashion by Tom Tailor stands for an authentic casual style that ranges from casual to sporty-elegant. This is also reflected in the shirts. The brand distinguishes between three product lines. While Tom Tailor Men is designed for sporty urban fashion, Tom Tailor Denim can be combined perfectly with casual jeans. Timeless leisure classics under the shirts by Tom Tailor are, for example, models made of denim or plaid cotton flannel. Loosely worn over the jeans, they ensure a casual appearance. If you are a bit fancier, the shirts of the premium segment Tom Tailor Polo Team are just right. These include, for example, single-color cotton shirts in blue, gray or black or striped shirts. The summary of the men’s shirts is: Long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt, button-down collar, Kent collar, leisure shirt, business shirt, plaid, striped, plain. Of course, the ladies can not be too short, because the casual shirts are also available for them: the little sister of the shirts, the shirt blouse. At Tom Tailor, you will find Tom Tailor men’s shirts in a variety of colors, patterns and cuts – from the casual check pattern to chic monochrome models. In winter you can wear a cardigan or sweater. The shirts and shirt blouses cost a new price between 30 € and 50 €.

Tom Tailor Shirt Blouses for Ladies – Versatile and fashionable

tom tailor blouse white
Indispensable Business Basic: the Tom Tailor Shirt Blouse. Tom Tailor shirt blouses for the stylish woman of today convince by their feminine design as well as timeless and fashionable cuts. Tom Tailor offers a wide and varied range of branded blouses. Whether for the casual leisure look or the stylish business outfit: We are sure you will find the right model. From the eye-catching shirt blouse with print patterns, the plain and elegant variant to shirt blouses with a trendy check pattern, Tom Tailor offers a diverse design selection. Tom Tailor is made of high quality materials. They are characterized by a comfortable wearing feeling and can be combined with other clothing pieces in many different ways. You can wear them very well with blazers and skirts. Sportive ladies shirts with check or stripes are ideal for leisure and office use. They work in combination with a fabric pants, but still stylish. For the cooler of the season you can wear the matching vest or the matching sweater from the Ralph Lauren collection. The style of Tom Tailor shirt blouses creates the balancing act between style security, a touch of exclusivity and an unmistakable sportive touch. Consistent color concepts, refined and yet untarnished details as well as precise processing of each individual part make it easy to give even subtle everyday outfits with shirt blouses a special note. For about 40 € new price you can welcome a nice shirt shirt Tom Tailor in your wardrobe.

Tom Tailor XXL

Tom Tailor XXL Shirts: Ladies and gentlemen shirts in big sizes, decisive for the good looks is not the size, but the seat and design of the shirt. Especially a good fit is important for XXL shirts. On the one hand the ladies ‘and gentlemen’ s shirts should be comfortable in oversized, on the other hand, they should also look beautiful. Just this combination of fit and fit creates Tom Tailor with his XXL shirts. Because beauty has nothing to do with dress size. With the Tom Tailor Shirts in Plus Size is great to dress up fun! Dress the shirts in big sizes from Tom Tailor At work or for special occasions. Buy leisure or business shirts – in many new colors and patterns or simply in timeless white. Fashion is there to flatter the wearer – and not vice versa! Tom Tailor stands confidently in lush forms and presents the customers with shirts which we like. Refined, plus-size shirts emphasize the chocolate side and cover problem areas, no matter where. No matter what the reason is, with the XXL shirts of the label Tom Tailor you make a good figure everywhere.
Men’s shirts from Tom Tailor ensure a sporty to sporty and elegant appearance and can be combined in many ways. But which shirt suits who? We give you a little overview: For slim men: Men with a slim upper body bring their figure best with “fitted” or “slim fit” (the latter is still slightly more fitted) cut shirts by Tom Tailor to the validity. They are narrow at the waist and lie body-toned. You can also enhance the figure-enhancing effect by choosing models with a stretch section in the material. In addition, a nice jacket and you are perfectly prepared for the office. For strong-built men: Those who prefer to wear their shirts a bit more airily, use Tom Tailor models with the “regular fit” fit. They are straight cut and fall loosely across the body center. In contrast to shirts in the fitted style, they have a slightly wider shoulder and back and offer more freedom of movement. Perfect for men who have something to “conceal”.

Materials of Tom Tailor Shirts

Even if the modemarke Tom Tailor is at home in the North German Modemetropole Hamburg: Of the proverbial Hanseatic restraint, the colorful fashion of Tom Tailor is fortunately far away. Instead, Tom Tailor inspires with refreshingly innovative world-class designs and exciting creative color combinations for the truly distinctive look with contemporary touch. Colors such as blue, black, gray, white, green, brown, beige, red, purple fill the assortment of shirts and shirt blouses over a large area. In terms of quality, the unique fashion of Tom Tailor also convinces in every respect. In Tom Tailor, leisure fashion is always being redefined and presents itself with stylish collections, which leave nothing to be desired for passports and materials. In addition to refined cuts, the label also focuses on high processing standards and skin-sensitizing materials. Thus, shirts and shirt blouses made of pure and easy-to-clean cotton not only convince with comfortable fit, but also ensure a comfortable wearing feeling due to the breathing activity of the natural material. More sophisticated models, such as a semi-arm, in a cool crease-like look and soft cotton blend, are quickly becoming new favorites at Tom Tailor.

Popular styles with Tom Tailor Shirts

You want to buy a Tom Tailor shirt for the office, but are still undecisive about what you should combine? We at Catchys give you some styling tips and have put together a Pinterest board for further inspirations: For a sporty and elegant appearance in the office, choose the best shirts from fine cotton in plain or subtle stripe or checkered designs. White, light blue, check pattern and gray are always a good idea. These include dark jeans with uniform washing or a fabric trousers and a dark jacket. Chic and trendy are gray-black combinations, for example a black chino to the light gray shirt and dark gray jacket. The look is more casual when you wear a V-neck knit sweater or cardigan for example the same brand over the shirt.

Shirtguide Tom Tailor


It is the key element in your Tom Tailor shirt: the matching collar will put you in the mood for every occasion, tastefully and skillfully. Provided it fits the overall outfit. Always choose the collar you like best.


Good style does not depend on the dress size. With the right fit, you’ll feel right at home in your Tom Tailor shirt. From comfortable over-fitting to super-slim: the Tom Tailor collections offer the perfect fit for every type. So you are fashionable always in the trend and make in any case a sleek figure.


Those who care properly have more of the shirt. Proper washing and ironing is the key to keeping your favorite piece of Tom Tailor in shape for a long time and looking good. From the loading of the washing machine to the order of ironing – in the case of shirt care, you can do a lot right or even. Always keep your label in the way you like your Tom Tailor shirt.