Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi

"These shoes!" Yes, these shoes are unique. Beautiful. Unique feminine. Unique artful. Shoes à la Sergio Rossi, however, promise not only an optics that look around at first glance, but are also so comfortable that you can actually dance through them all night. This really is Rare! Behind these masterful designs lies Sergio Rossi, an old master in his craft. In 1935 he was born in Italy. Still during his fashion education his father died, from whom he inherited studio as works. Nevertheless, he finished his studies at the University of Bologna. In 1966 it was then erected - The great fashion center in San Mauro Pascoli. The creations from the village have become fashion legends, which run over the Milan runways and are very popular all over the world. What Sergio Rossi combines is luxury, traditional craftsmanship and sensuality. Because shoes are not just shoes ... And second gloves are a bit more special, even more unique ...

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Catchy’s Sergio Rossi Brand Guide

Sergio Rossi Shoes – Amore mio

Fine straps, glittering details or simple pumps that you will wear all your life? The shoe world of Sergio Rossi – it offers you everything your couture heart desires. Whether it is very special sandals for the abball or your wedding shoes are from designer hand – what Mr. Rossi touches becomes shoe gold! Because the treasures on the feet complete every look with the pin on the i. The cream on the cake. Or the cherry on the ice. Say it as you like – but let the unique charm of the Heels al italiano enchant you.

Sergio Rossi Boots – The Italians can do it!

Genuine handmade Italian boots. Shoes designed from the toe to the knee are wonderfully high-quality. So if you want to have great leather, the perfect cut and never again more wet feet, then Sergio Rossi will definitely make you happy.

Sergio Rossi Ankle Boots – Small, but high

But the little sister of the boot deserves at least as much attention! Because she can do a lot! More legacy. More sexiness. And Sergio Rossi knows that women love to walk gently through the streets on little heaps without their feet aching. If you decide for ankle boots from Signore Rossi, you should perhaps just have a look at your Italian pronunciation – you will surely ask one or the other who designed these fabulous shoes …

Sergio Rossi Ballerinas – The feminine, relaxed Italian

And then there are those days … Which simply does not fit better than a pair of ballerinas. Conclusion with the times of exhilarated kickers and uncomfortable (Yes, there are thousands of uncomfortable ballerina copies!) Shoes. Slippers à la Sergio will fit perfectly into your foot and will make you happy when the strolls have lasted twice as long or the little autumn walk to the marathon has stretched … Catchys takes care of you … and around your feet!