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Solid, robust and sturdy, the key features of the five-pointed crown, which everyone immediately recognizes. - The Rolex. Since 1905 one of the most successful brands, which produce the most important accessory. Despite the small changes to the watches, the main identity remains intact. Whether it's about 8 hours in cold water, or the stability, the Rolex watches are indispensable. Anyone who wants to be a proud owner, the rare and first watches of the brand, should no longer hesitate and immediately go on the vintage search. Fitting to every guy, you can see them on various celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio with the Datejust in "American Psycho", on pictures of Konrad Adenauer, as well as on athletes like Lindsey Vonn.

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Did you know that …

  1. James Bond is a big fan of the Rolex watches
  2. which Rolex can withstand a depth of 10,916 meters
  3. the British Kew Observatory Rolex gave the Class A precision certificate
  4. the Rolex due to its strong brand position is the most copied watch brand. Do not worry, with Catchys, there are only the original watches.
  5. the Rolex is the first brand that has its name on the dial

Why is Second Hand worthwhile at Rolex?

The luxury brand with a tradition rich in history has been offering the highest quality watches for more than 100 years. This is how classics have sprung up over the years – in the widest variety of designs. If you are looking for a Rolex Oyster with an exciting background story or a completely unknown model in a special version, or if you are looking for a good bargain on a new model, you will find CATCHYS at a selection of authenticated partner shops offering authenticity guarantee and buyer protection.

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The story of Rolex


Independence of Kulmbacher Hans Wilsdorf and simultaneous founding of “Wilsdorf; & Davis” today ROLEX


The name ROLEX is officially registered


The Rolex Center is moved from London to Biel


The first waterproof watch Oyster comes on the market


The first attempt to cross the English Channel with a Rolex watch is carried out.


The five-pronged crown as a trademark is becoming established.


For more than 60 years, Rolex has been the trademark of Rolex.


The Rolex Submariner is introduced.


This is followed by the Rolex GMT Master II


Paul Newmann wears the chronograph model Daytona in one of his films “


Rolex now has its own chronograph movement


The previously legally independent companies Rolex SA in Geneva and Manufacture of the Montres Rolex SA are put together

Catchy’s Rolex Brand Guide

rolex daytona used new


One of the most coveted watches in the world, since 1965. Second hand plays a very valuable, as well as important role, since these are not manufactured. Originally these were designed for racing drivers, thus also the name: on the beach of Daytona, Florida with a Rennfahren, got. The tachymeter scale on the bezel is much larger than in the ordinary watches. It is equipped with the oyster case, chronograph movement and has at the same time three hands. This is available with a black or a white dial.


The first mechanical watch in the world, with a two-color color of the dial from blue to black, which reminds us of the diver, who is dipped with this Rolex to the lowest point. In order to be able to read the clock in the dark, it also shines in a deep blue, which is clearly visible longer than other clocks. Resistant, pressure resistant and water tightness up to 3900m, are the special features of the watch, which are thanks to the ringlock system. In 2008 it was represented as Rolex’s largest steel sports watch.


The “President” of watches. This is called the Daydate, as many presidents and heads of state are the owners of this elegant and robust watch. As the name tells us, the weekday display is at the top of this model. And if you want to have it in your language, you can choose from 26 different languages. Since 1956 a must-have of the Rolex collection. Available in different dials, for every taste. For ladies there is the Daydate also with sparkling stones, which no one can so easily resist.


Next to the Deepsea, the most famous diving watch, which also fits perfectly to the diving suit. Or rather on land? Thanks to the elegant but at the same time sporty design, for every occasion, an eyecatcher. For the first time the watch appeared in black, now it is available in different colors. 2003 was presented with a green bezel for the anniversary. After sharp criticism and consequently improvements, there is a very great demand also with this variant.
rolex submariner used new