Joop Rings

"Those who do not focus on a topic are in danger," says Jette Joop, the designer of the designer Wolfgang Joop. Many fashion bloggers put their attention to the accessories and everyone in the fashion world knows, jewelry gives every look in turn a noble upgrade. What could be more beautiful than a noble ring on the finger? Joop! Rings are exactly the right choice - modern jewelery with a high demand. With these high-quality jewelry, the world of luxury design is now available. The creations should beautify your everyday life, be fun and remain affordable for you, for this philosophy, the brand Joop! We have put together many unusual, high-quality and filigree rings of the famous German label at Catchys. Convince yourself and find your new jewel!

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Combination possibilities with Joop rings

Joop! Rings – Jewelery from the top designer for him & her

Rings are there to get attention with it and to round off your own outfit perfectly. Do you feel much more comfortable with the right ring? We at Catchys give you some good reasons in a Joop! Ring to invest: The clear values ​​that are found in every Joop! Ring, are recognizable for the brand Joop !. The ring collection is pure design, in an exclusive look, uncompromisingly beautiful and absolutely stylish. In addition, the highest demands are placed on processing. Whether you choose the golden or silver ring, each one is a class of its own. In the foreground of the collections are the ladies, but the label Joop! also quite individual ring designs for the men’s world. These are especially massively processed and so spray a masculine note. What do you want more?

Festive Joop! Rings of unique character

“Buy me a ring, buy me a ring, babe” – Everyone Joop! Ring is an example of perfect jeweler art and exciting jewelery design. Would be a Joop! Ring is not a successful gift that makes every heart beat higher? Because of the value and the strong personality of each individual little piece of jewelery, it will surely not miss its effect. Whether as wedding rings, engagement rings and partner rings rings of the design mark are very popular. They reflect the value and character of a once-in-a-lifetime festive day and conjure a smile into the face. What are you waiting for? Now you only have to meet the taste of your partner. Only the right moment you only have to choose your own.

Joop! Rings in Second-Hand & Sale

Joop! – the high-caliber among the German luxury brands. The Joop! Style is characterized by clarity, energy and deliberately modern radiance, which is also appreciated by celebrities like Gisele Bündchen and Toni Garrn at the brand. Unfortunately one finds in Germany only an exclusive Joop! Store based in Düsseldorf. Fortunately, there are several outlets where you can purchase the designer items. If your favorite jewelery pieces are still too expensive, we can offer you the possibility to catch on our platform to Joop! Wrestling second-hand to rummage and find. Extend your jewelry collection with a wonderful “new” – “old” jewelry!

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Fake Check Joop Rings

Product piracy is a million-dollar business – and is detrimental to the affected company. Uneven and fake jewelery can also cause allergic reactions in the wearer. More than a third of all Ebay offered! Products are valued as counterfeit. So very important to know if you have a real item in front of you. We at Catchy tell you how to distinguish an original from a fake.

Certified online shops

To avoid the purchase of a fake from the start you should only in tested onlineshops after Joop! Look for rings. You will receive this information directly on the page. Avoid the purchase of Joop rings from non-certified retailers.

Embossing of the rings

Always pay attention to the coinage at Joop! Rings, genuine jewelry of the brand usually decorates a distinctive Joop! Lettering and is immediately recognizable. Also should be engraved in the ring to which material (eg 925 sterling silver) it is.

Trap offer

Seductive offers, too tempting to be genuine: fingers away from offers, an original Joop! Ring for only 50 euros, which was supposedly bought for 200 euros. Joop! Rings in a good condition do not have such a large value loss, since they are branded products.

Alternatives to Joop rings

You’ve been a fan of Joop for a long time! Wrestling, but they are simply a category too expensive for you. Maybe an alternative with similar characteristics and good quality could convince you? Catchys shows you some cheaper alternative brands with similar design. Here are our suggestions: 1. JETTE Jewelry: To be in the family Joop! to stay. JETTE Joop combines sophisticated, modern design with high quality and functionality and is intended to make “luxury design” accessible to a broad target group through a lower price class. An expressive and stylish look, individual enough to make your outfit look finished and fascinating in combination. 2. Pandora Jewelry: Pandora can be at least as much as Joop !, but is somewhat more playful. Still, with a Pandora ring you are as stale as with a Joop! Fingerschmuck. Pandora rings are also made of sterling silver or 14K gold, which is also of high quality. The selected materials and the loving design make these rings also very special companions.

Popular rings by Joop

You are looking for a glamorous accessory, have a Joop! Ring, but still does not know which model you should choose? Here you will find the fitting jewelery of the German luxury brand Joop! We give you an overview of the most popular models which are also second-hand purchase.

Joop! Ladies ring MOSAICS

joop mosaic ring
A real highlight of the Joop! Mosaics Juwellery collection. The premium ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is also available in the nobler rosé gold-plated version. Splendidly sparkling, zirconias are inserted at this as a coronation. An accessory full of elegance and radiance that will form a stylish ensemble on special occasions in combination with the matching necklace and the creoles from the same series and will attract all eyes.

Joop! Ladies ring REFINED

Almost to jewelry to be true! This lovingly designed ring is high-quality processed and impresses with its modern charm – the dose glamor that every outfit needs. Three strings are artfully interwoven and arranged in a cruciform manner. One shines in cool silver and the other half is covered with zirconia. Thanks to the smooth-polished ring rail, the ring fits snugly to your finger and ensures a wonderful wearing comfort, so you will most likely never want to take it off again.

Joop! Ladies ring HILARY

joop hilary ring
This delicate and narrow ring in a simple design with a large sparkling zirconia solitaire, Hilary is a festive and luxurious piece of jewelery. For special occasions you can combine the matching Hilary necklace and earrings. Are you looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife? A wonderful ensemble to give away, which makes every woman’s heart beat higher. Do not wait and find the right gift for your partner.

Joop! Men’s ring DENNIS

The Joop! Ring of the series Dennis, designed for our fashionable men’s world. With a sense of the certain status. With this accessory, you are definitely striking statement. The slightly angular shape and the refined material combination made of stainless steel and the unusual epoxy tape make the look of the ring exciting and new. Combine it decently with clean colors and clear cuts and you are the most stylish man with sense for detail.
joop dennis men ring

Frequently used materials for Joop rings

Whether in London, New York or Shanghai: the international reputation of the brand Joop !, with an exclusive ring around the world is the trend. The majority of the materials are made of high-quality materials. We at Catchys give you a brief overview of the materials the Joop! Make rings so special.

Material of Joop rings

Here you will find an exclusive variety of materials, which pulls all the stops to inspire you with unique rings. The precious ring creations of the brand Joop! shimmer in cool and elegant silver tone (925 sterling silver), but are also available in gold tones (gold-plated 925 sterling silver). This ensures optimum start-up protection. For the production of Joop! Rings are made of high quality materials such as solid stainless steel, finest sterling silver or gold. Therefore the jewelery should only be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or with a soft, damp cloth and never dipped. In terms of form and color, the fine fingernail varies from collection to collection, so you’re not just bound to a style. For men with the sense of status, the Joop! Rings made of two materials: in classic stainless steel or shining silver. With blackened textured surfaces or send epoxy inlays. Perfect for dressing up any wall, instantly creating a theme for a room. There is also the ring to the matching bracelet or the matching cufflinks of Joop! fit.

Decor of Joop rings

The ladies’ rings from Joop! are often filled with glittering and splendid stones (zirconia diamond imitation), which have been refined in a brilliant cut and reflect the light in an impressive way. Also, shimmering pearl beads or the tricolor optics (eg black, silver, rose gold) isolated Joop rings are fascinating accents set. Men wear jewelry? Yes, they wear it. The men are spoiled for choice between straightforward variations that do not include engravings and decor, and Joop! Rings with textured surface. The ornate patterns are either geometric or natural, such as the skin structure of snakes and other reptiles, which make each and every one of the individual fingerprints individual. One is all the materials as well as all the rings of Joop! but mean, namely the high quality because Joop stands with its striking lettering on the inside of the ring, which underlines the character as a brand product once again. For all rings you can buy at Catchys, you have the certainty that only original rings with the best quality have been specially compiled for the ones.

Popular Styles with Joop Rings

You got yourself a Joop! Ring, but do not know what you should combine? We have compiled popular styles with which you can create an enchanting look with your ninja joop! Ring. You can use the entire range of the creative creation of the label with your wardrobe to choose between an extravagant, a simple or a pompous outfit. Of course, the designs differ, in the individual Joop! Rings which are dependent on the collection as well as the respective fashion. So it’s easy to customize your ring to a new trend. Sometimes the ring is simple and unobtrusive, sometimes the whole piece of jewelry is the focus. Crown your evening gown or party outfit with an impressive ring of the design label Joop !. Wear this jewelry to send and festive occasions, or to casual jeans as an eyecatcher. Enjoy his beautiful appearance on many occasions, with a desire for a special look that will attract all eyes! Or impress with a fancy ring combiion? Here are some styling tips to make your ring-combi versatile. Carry several Joop! Rings with different styles.Pinterlasse a lasting impression by the Joop! Rings on different fingers (remember, if you want to wear your ring at the middle finger, the size of the ring should be a number too large)