Bulgari Rings

All the single ladies: if you like it put on a ring on it - not only the single ladies among us can hardly resist the luxurious Bulgarian rings. No wonder! Bulgari rings are the Ferrari par excellence among designer jewelry pieces. The Italian label is one of the biggest names in luxury jewelry. The unique rings create Bulgari to match any style. Whether you are looking for gold, yellow gold or rose gold, Bulgari has exactly the ring you've been looking for. The design diversity of the luxury label is enormous: refined elegance paired with a striking character. A symbol of passion and the lively, Roman gaiety - that is Bulgari. In the fifties and sixties stylists like Elizabeth Taylor and Romy Schneider were among Bulgari fans. Have you been playing with a Bulgarian ring for a long time? But now you could not decide for a suitable ring? Find out more in our Bulgari Ring Guide.

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Combinations with bulgarian rings

Bulgari rings for the special occasion

Extravagant designs, noble materials and high-quality workmanship. The Italian jeweler Bulgari knows what women love. The more unusual the jewelery, the more we want to possess it. The yellow-gold bulgarian rings are usually worn only on very special occasions or evening events. With the right jewelry, a simple black dress becomes a glamorous eyecatcher. Combined with a stylish clutch and heels, the evening can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne with your loved one.

Businesslike with bulgarian rings in the office

Hard to believe, but Bulgari rings also create a stunning look in combination with a sporty elegant outfit. Where can you present it better than in the office? Finally, you want your colleagues with your new Bulgarian ring to be pale with envy! Style hipster pants and a casual white shirt in boyfriend style for pumps. Just leave open the question: Which bulgarian ring can it be to your office look today?

Bulgari rings for a warm summer evening

In the summer there is nothing better than a stylish cocktail party over the rooftops of the city. The last warm sunrays are caught with a delicious cocktail. Airy Maxikleider, fine straps sandals in metal look and tanned skin can be best set with a roségolden Bulgarian ring – the “Trendfarbe” in summer. Casual Beach Waves complete the style. Make your evening look with a Bulgari ring something special!

Bulgari rings in Second Hand and Sale

Sometimes it has to be a small luxury – or a lot of it! The Bulgarian rings are pure luxury. Unfortunately, the price of these unique jewelery is also high. Due to the durability in price and material, even older Bulgari rings are second hand in hot hand. The creations of the Italian jewelery maker are also easy to dream of, since woman likes to spend more time. Must not be! Of course Bulgarian rings will also be second hand or on sale never a bargain. Nevertheless, the rummaging on well-sorted second hand platforms is worthwhile. Catchys offers both Bulgari rings from last season as well as hip retro models with vintage flair. Convince yourself of the great variety at Catchys and get your desired model.

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Fake check of bulgarian wrestling

Even a fashion insider can quickly fall into a Bulgari fake. Meanwhile, the fake bulgari rings are copied in circulation and partly really down to the smallest detail. Therefore: Watch out and keep your eyes open when buying! Do not let anything hurt you when it seems funny and dubious. Before you decide to buy, please provide sufficient information. The Copy Cats are currently lurking, as they are difficult to identify. An indication is on online platforms in most cases the price. Bulgarian rings are never offered at a fraction of the original price. Even the second-hand models still have a high market value and are traded accordingly. Fingers away from too cheap offers – otherwise catches the Fake trap quite quickly! Always pay attention to a clean and high-quality workmanship. The Bulgari rings would never be equipped with a badly engraved Bulgari logo. Also the material should make a high-quality and heavy impression: Does the gold shine to yellow or even green? Is the bulgarian ring too light? Does the diamond show scratches? Then the Bulgarian ring is guaranteed to be fake.

Alternatives to bulgarian rings

You want nothing more than to have a Bulgarian ring? The opulent designs prepare you sleepless nights and you would even let your planned vacation bounce. But still your budget at the front and rear is not enough. Even your loved one, you could not convincingly (yet) convince yourself of this sumptuous gift. If it is only about the style of the Bulgari rings than the label itself, then like to stöbere gladly with other dealers, which are something more unknown or price-wise not in the luxury segment. Because now there are many jewelery makers who create rings in a similar design. Absolute plus: these models definitely cost less. At Catchys you’ll find a wide selection of Bulgari rings in a cool vintage look. But also secondhand these are still quite expensive and not really a bargain. If you do not want to compromise on the quality, but want to get a really cheap ring in Bulgari Optics, just have a look at well-stocked jewelry like Swarovski. The Austrian label creates trendy designs from different elements in silver, gold and rose gold. The American company Michael Kors does not wear extravagant ring designs in Bulgari optics in his jewelery collection. Let us convince you!

Popular ring models from Bulgari

Bulgari B.Zero1 rings

A true classic that is sure to be the name of every fashionista who loves jewelry: the Bulgari B.zero1 ring. For decades, the iconic and elegant jewelery has been one of the absolute favorites of the Italian label and is constantly being reinterpreted. The Bulgarian ring was inspired by the Roman architecture of the Colosseum and the strong lines of modern Italian design. With his four rings, he is an intricate piece of jewelry. On the one hand classical and modern on the other, so also the label Bulgari. The ring was created more than 130 years ago and still celebrates a real success story to this day. If it can be a Bulgarian classic, then the Bulgari B.zero1! The Bulgarian ring is available in different gold versions with and without diamond pavé. If you can not decide – the ring in Gold Tri Color would be a great alternative. Good to know: In the B.zero1 collection there are also matching chains, rings and earrings in the similar design.

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Bulgari serpenti rings

Whoever thinks of Bulgari rings, inevitably connects the snake form with the Italian label. For Bulgarian, the snake is a seductive motif: it stands for wisdom, vitality and seduction. Even in Greek-Roman mythology the serpent emerges as a seductive symbol in narratives. Snakes are mysterious – just like the bearers of Bulgarian rings. This is how the “Serpenti” collection was created, mainly with iconic rings. These are in queue form and are decorated with luxurious diamonds and rubies. Pure glamor! The eccentric designs of the Bulgari rings are designed to underline the magical, elegant personality of the woman. A beautiful view is the eyes of the serpents, which consist mainly of emeralds and shimmer mysteriously green. The wearer with her seductive and feminine style is at the center of this grandiose Bulgari collection. All jewelery is made in Italy.

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Bulgari Diva’s Dream Rings

With the “Diva’s Dream” collection by Bulgari it becomes fabulous. What woman would not like to be a princess? Large jewelery rings in the opulent design are an elegant investment and a real investment piece in the romantic Bulgari collection. For the Diva collection only Teresa Richardson, one of the best photographers in the world, was portrayed by only the most beautiful personalities, such as Carla Bruni, a muse of the Italian fashion house. Once you luxuriate in luxury – you can do it with the Bulgari rings from the “Diva’s Dream” collection. The stylish jewelery was inspired by the greatest divas of our time. The elegant and graceful design is characterized by the refined mosaics of ancient Rome. “A piece of jewelry is not like any object, it is more familiar than anything else – physically familiar, natural, because it adorns the body, lies on the skin, often close to the heart, “said Carla Bruni about the Bulgarian rings of the collection.


Bulgari Parentesi rings

If you like it simply, but nevertheless extravagant, the Bulgarian rings from the “Parentesi” collection is well served. A narrow model that still strikes your eye. These Bulgari rings are opulent, although they do not flaunt with diamonds. The focus is on the detail. A bulgari ring, made of interlaced metal components, inspired by the architecture of Rome, similar to other collections. The shape reminds the designer of the Roman street pavement – also called travertine stones. The Bulgarian rings from the “Parentesi” are a beautiful jewelery for both the classic and the modern woman, which can be combined perfectly with the office look or the everyday outfit. Beautiful is the model in rose gold on tanned skin in summer.

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Frequently used materials of Bulgarian rings

Bulgari rose gold

Bulgari uses exclusively high-quality and innovative materials for his ornaments. Each new collection uses one of the finest metals: gold. Whether white gold, yellow gold or a warm shiny 18-carat rose gold as in the latest Bulgari B.zero1 collection – Bulgari creates masterpieces. Rose gold is a particularly precious variation of red gold. The precious metal has a lower copper content compared to the gold content. To obtain high-quality rose gold, Bulgari adds palladium. This improves the durability as well as the stability of the Bulgarian rings (against external influences).

Bulgarian diamonds

What would be the Bulgarian rings without diamonds? The Italian company uses seven different cuts: square, almond-shaped, oval, drop-shaped, heart-shaped, emerald and brilliant. The cut is important, because it enhances the ability of the diamond to capture enough light to be able to radiate in full glory. For example, a diamond in the brillant cut must have 58 facets. Bulgari attaches great importance to high quality workmanship. Thus, the gemstone grinder uses a precise reciprocal geometric ratio. It can thus determine each facet and every angle of the diamond. Did you know that only stones cut in perfect proportions as well as an excellent finish will become diamonds for the Bulgarian rings? The Italian luxury label therefore does not use any diamonds, but only the best of the best!

Popular styles with bulgarian rings

A bit of gold and silver, a bit glitter glitter: Bulgari rings are the quintessence in Italian theme. The striking character and the luxurious look also leave no questions open for fashion newcomers. Bulgari rings are a real sight and fall immediately into the eye. Every woman would like to have a bulgarian ring in her life – or even get it as a gift, dear men! The jewels are made for eternity and the right bulgarian ring will make your outfit really special. Are you missing the right ideas for the perfect look? To provide you with some inspirations for your Bulgarian ring, we have put together the most beautiful looks in a Pinterest board. Get inspired!