Anyone who grew up in the nineties can still remember very well the famous buffalo plateaus? The absolute must-have at that time, today hardly imaginable. In the past, the teenagers almost swam to get one of the coveted models. Today, many are happy when they are never confronted with such a part again. The shoes have long since reached cult status and are among collectors hot coveted. But the German model Buffalo from Hochheim am Main has been producing for many years, since 1979 to be exact, and always delights the customers with new appealing products.

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Did you know that…

  1. The shoe 1310-2 with 10cm heel was known by the Spice Girls
  2. Buffalo was primarily created to drive cowboy boots

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The story of Buffalo


Establishment of the company, the goal was the sale of cowboy boots


The first sports shoe from Buffalo comes on the market (in more than 20 different color combinations)


Expansion abroad


Invention of cult cultivation