The Swiss watch and jewelery manufacturer Piaget stands for top luxury, quality and precision and always strives for aesthetic perfection. With the world's ultra-slimest automatic movement and particularly creative and artistic designs, the label has established itself as one of the most famous and innovative luxury watch manufacturers in the world. Piaget understands how hardly any other manufacturer can design watches in such a way that they combine a classical and avant-garde character and are thus absolute eyecatchers! This creative withdrawal has successfully cultivated the style of the house. Unique models such as the Piaget Polo, Limelight or the Altiplano - the high-quality watches impress with their ultra-slim silhouettes and various forms of watch cases. What do all the products of the Swiss luxury manufacturer have in common? Timeless elegance.

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Did you know that…

  1. Piaget 2008 sponsored the Spirit Awards, an American independent film festival
  2. the worldwide brand ambassador is the Chinese actress Maggie Cheung
  3. in 2005 the prize for the best goldsmith of Piaget was launched
  4. Incredible: Piaget holds the double record for the flattest automatic movement and the flattest automatic watch with a height of 2.3 mm in the world

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Popular models from Piaget

The Altiplano – minimalism meets refinement

It is the world’s thinnest watch in its category with the world’s flattest date automatic movement. This classic has a three-level dial with an interplay of simple and double indices. With a record flatness of only 3.00 mm, it consists of 221 parts. This luxury model embodies purism and elegance and will remain a modern jewel in the future.

Piaget Polo – the icon

In 1979 the wristwatch, which was completely integrated into the case, was introduced to the market. For the first time ever, a watch combined technology and aesthetics – a new dimension! The timeless jewelery impresses with an avant-garde but still classic design and at the time did not help the house to international fame for nothing. A single masterpiece that is still a popular classic today!

Limelight Gala – a watch with incredibly feminine elegance

“Brilliant, exciting, seductive” – ​​this is how Piaget describes her limelight model. Thus it could be guessed that the jewelery shows female and curvy tracks in the design. A minimalist dial with Roman numerals is perfectly matched to a supple Milanaise bracelet. We love the Limelight Gala, because it is not only an elegant piece of jewelry, but also enchants us with a great wearing comfort and an incredibly modern and sensual look – so feminine and still strong!

Emperador – très classique

The Emperador model was not named for the year 2000 in vain, because the caliber 524P with automatic winding in a white gold case of sapphire glass is a classic beauty with its rectangular shape. The timeless and elegant design will continue to adorn our wrists, as this watch is still synonymous with modernity and style!