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Philipp Plein

Everything except inconspicuous

Philipp Plein is above all one: Versatile! Fashion for men, women and children is just as much as furniture, home and dog accessories ... In 1998, the young Philipp founded his success label in Munich and started his career as an autodidact. Since everyone starts small - even Philipp Plein - he designed his furnishings at the beginning only for friends and family. His modemarke, as we know it today, was launched in 2004 and expanded two years later with a jewelery collection. The designs are sparkling with glamor and sexiness. The mix of materials such as leather, latex or net combined with the characteristic plein prints and a pinch of glitter has long since called stars like Beyoncé or Taylor Swift on the fashion plan. Philipp Plein is one of the few fresh brands on the successful luxury market. The secret formula of the brand is made up of a noble couture line with evening dresses or glamorous fur pieces and eccentric looks, which with extraordinary design art attract all eyes. Also, you will not be able to walk past them if you click through Catchy's Secondhand collection.

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Did you know that …

  1. from Philipp Plein could have become a serious jurist. After finishing his studies at Salem Castle, he studied law in Erlangen
  2. this connection seems more illuminating: the designer presented his first collection in a selected Munich location: the legendary P1
  3. 2008 was an important year for Philipp Plein. Through the TV show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, he was known to a big young audience – for there he equipped the participants in fashionable Barcelona with a look-exciting “Heavy Metal” collection. Philipp also succeeded in getting the top top models Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg for his brand and a Vogue campaign
  4. he joined the successes of the previous year in 2009. Since then exists an official Philipp-Plein-Barbie. A doll that celebrated the 50th birthday of the cult blonde
  5. in April 2010, another film and fashion starlet was placed in the circle of the Plein ambassadors. Actress Mischa Barton was in her model role on all channels to admire. And also the Russian rap musician Timati collaborated in an elaborate photo session with the designer

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Catchy’s Philipp Plein Brand Guide

Philipp Plein T-Shirt

Prominently placed prints and eyecatcher where the eye looks – the shirts of Philipp Plein are everything, but not boring. Black and white creations can be combined perfectly, to rocking leather pants, hot pencil skirts or casual jeans. Colorful-patterned pieces are fashion statements that are comfortably and comfortably positioned around the corner with a coolness factor par excellence.

Philipp Plein shoes

Who (at least from time to time) can not say no to an extra dose of extravagance, is the right place for shoes by Philipp Plein. Also to a special occasion such as the party of the year or your birthday are Philipp Plein shoes the accessory, which ensures for talking material and admiring looks over the whole evening. Sneakers, heels or boots – your day, your shoes, your decision!

Philipp Plein Jacket

With a jacket from the designer hand by Philipp Plein, you can transform any outfit with a lash in edgy ensembles that correspond to the strong, rebellious personality of the Createurs. Of course, you can put your crown on your sexy dress by choosing a plein leather jacket. Small details like rivets, zippers or imprints make the jackets from the fashion house into eccentric stars, who wait for Catchys to establish themselves with their vintage flair to your new unique darling.