Petit Bateau

Little boat

The sweet ship logo knows every child! After all, the little ones are as attractively dressed as with the French cult brand with no other label. Maritime stripeprints, high-quality materials, loving details like asterisk buttons and of course a distinctive charm très francais - this is Petit Bateau. You love movies for the whole family? Then, in fashion for the whole family, your heart may be higher. Petit Bateau wants to create fashion for all - babies, children, women and men. So how about a partner look shirt for you and your sister, your godfather or your husband and your son? Petit Bateau is the perfect choice for the stylishly revamped look from the South. Perfect for your budget: the unbeatable cheap second hand variety of Catchys. Especially for the little ones, who are growing out of their clothes and underwear, vintage is the best idea to live fashion with heart and mind!

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Catchy’s Petit Bateau Brand Guide

petit bateau body

Petit Bateau Body – The Keypiece of the Baby World

The basic of every wardrobe is clear: the body. Each newly hatched child will be equipped with a basic repertoire of bodysuits, as all moms and dads have to change them every day – or even a few times more often … With the Petit Bateau specimens, this is not guaranteed by scratchy materials or tight cuffs the bodys of the French brand are made of pure cotton and high quality seams. So the little girls and boys will feel puddle, even if they can not tell you. In the heart, they know you’re the best mom or aunt!

Petit Bateau Creeper – Oh Baby, you’re chic

The everlasting quality of Petit Bateau is also reflected in another heart of the brand – the Rompers. With it, each baby is softly embedded and wrapped in a delicate fabric when it is stomping in the baby carriage or in your arms. But of course, we know that making you happy from lovingly designed baby clothes makes you happy. Each fresh collection of Petit Bateau not only offers basics and new classics, but also features cute details such as loops and bubic ruffles or prints of stars and checks. To fall in love! (Of course, the baby.)
petit bateau strampler
petit bateau sleepwear

Petit Bateau Sleepwear – Sweet dreams guaranteed

Babies bedtime is a ritual that can be celebrated wonderfully. Cuddly toys, baby blankets and sleeping suits play an important role. That is why a version à la Petit Bateau is not only an excellent gift idea, but also a piece that also affects the children of your children lovingly. And with the hearty designs, which can be turned around by hand thanks to the cut and practical push buttons, the eyes of the proud parents also shine. Oh, a pity that we can not dream more in the sleep suits of Petit Bateau …