Paul Frank

Paul Frank is an American brand, which is now also popular with us. The brand is particularly well-known for its logo, the monkey. Paul Frank Industries was founded by the designer of the same name. This is mainly due to creative, childish and colorful designs, which in each of us awakens the inner child. Catchys offers you a large selection of second hand and second season parts by Paul Frank. Let the rummage start!

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  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Watches
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Did you know that …

  1. Paul Frank Sunich (the founder) is not only a designer, but also a draftsman
  2. Paul Frank Sunich founded his label, after his friends showed more and more interest in his self made accessories
  3. next to the monkey there is now also a dog and a penguin as a trademark
  4. the monkey was baptized by Paul Frank Sunich affectionately “Julius the Monkey”
  5. the designer and animator left his company in 2005 to come back in 2016

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The story of Paul Frank


Paul Frank was born in Sunich


Paul Frank leaves his company (Paul Frank Industries)


Paul Frank returns.

Popular models from Paul Frank

Paul Frank Shoes

Everyone has at least a pair of sneakers. If those who have become too bored, can look at Catchys under Paul Frank. There are comfortable sneakers with a funny print. Fun on-line shopping and wearing is guaranteed.

Paul Frank cases

Cell phone and laptop cases can look so boring. With a Paul Frank cover, on the other hand, the writing of business e-mails and seminar work is much more fun.

Paul Frank sunglasses

Sunglasses by Paul Frank are available in different colors and widths (as can be different). For the slightly less daring, these are a great option, because among them you can find many classic and timeless models.

Paul Frank T-Shirts

T-shirt and jeans is too boring? We have not yet discovered a desperate Paul Frank T-shirt. With its funny motifs and its bright colors, you have the best mood even in bad weather.