Patek Philippe

Maybe Patek Philippe is a bit rare compared to other big brands in the watch world. But still waters are deep. The models are either of simple and timeless elegance or captivate by their complications. If a Patek is granted, he knows that he can call his own the maximum in craftsmanship, tradition and design. Vintage copies are the best witnesses to the successful company history, which set standards at all times. A Calatrava cost $ 300 in the 1950s and is now worth about $ 20,000, a Nautilus was $ 3000 in the 1970s, today $ 50,000. It is barely possible for a politician: Vladimir Putin uses a calatrava on his wrist. With Tiffany & Co., Patek Philippe presented a watch collection in 2012/2013.

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Did you know that …

  1. Patek Philippe has an annual turnover of about CHF 1 billion
  2. The company produces 45,000 watches a year
  3. the label has 200 different models
  4. a lot of the watches only starts at $ 20,000
  5. Patek Philippe owns a Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft with HB-JSI enrollment

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The story of Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe is founded by the Polish nobleman Antoine Norbert Graf de Patek. He has patented the winding crown with Jean-Adrien Philippe.


Patek and Czapek are designing a pocket watch with a rose gold lift.


Patek Philippe designs a yellow gold pocket watch for the Polish market


A clock with complication is launched. This copy later brought in at auction over one million dollars.


The Stern family takes over the company. The reference 96 comes on the market.


The first wristwatch with automatic rotor lift will be presented to the public.


Flat automatic caliber of 2.40 mm complete Patek Philippes repertoire.


The company is 150 years old and builds the most complicated pocket watch in the world, the Caliber 89, with 33 complications. The gem consists of 1728 parts.


Patek manufactures one of the most expensive watches in the world: the Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002. Two copies were produced at a price of almost € 700,000 each.


Thierry Stern leads the company in 4th generation.


The company is 175 years old and presents the Grandmaster Chime, with complication and acoustic date display and a minute repeater wake-up function.

Popular models by Patek Philippee

Patek PhilippeCalatrava – absolutely noble: alligator leather and yellow or white gold

With the Calatrava you are a true statesman. Last but not least, there is a calatrava in Vladmir Putin’s watch collection. Twenty-one years after the best-known Model 3919 was introduced in 1985, it was replaced in 2006 by the slightly larger Model 5119. And if you now grab a Calatrava from before 2006, your personal style of exclusivity is hard to beat. Combine your vintage Calatrava with a modern and sharp business suit and the world is yours.

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut – absolutely sturdy

If it’s just going to be less glamor factor, but functional, then opt for the Aquanaut. It is made of the most solid materials, whether housing or clasp. The Aquanaut lives up to its name and is waterproof up to 120 meters. Paul McCartney is the proud owner of an Aquanaut. It expresses the charm of the unique musician like no other watch. So if you want to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Beatles singer, the vintage aquanaut will go perfectly with chelsea boots, skinny jeans and a casual buttoned up shirt.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus – absolutely top-class, or better: unsurpassable

In a Nautilus you are already good and happy in the high five-digit to six-figure area. The bracelets are made of yellow or rose gold. The Nautilus is one of Brad Pitts favorite watches. No matter what clothes and accessories you combine with your vintage Nautilus, you will never be able to steal your show.

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