Calvin Klein Trousers

Pants made with love for detail, minimalism-crowned underpants and fashionable jogging pants for girls and boys. An American cult fashion house, which gained world fame in the 1990s and still stands today for coolness, sexyness, but also style, elegance and class. The speech is by Calvin Klein. Clear and timeless, the company has always presented itself: In 1968 Calvin Klein founded his homonymous model set, which stands for a modern and timeless look for women's and men's trousers and is distinguished by clear lines and a puristic look. Whether Justin Bieber, Emma Watson or Mark Wahlberg, the celebrities are in love with Calvin Klein trousers. No wonder the already embossed initials are enough to make your jeans the ultimate object of desire. Well, got curious? We at Catchys have taken a closer look at the American must-have label and give you an overview about the unusual and high-quality Calvin Klein collection.

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Combination possibilities Calvin Klein trousers

Calvin Klein Trousers for her & him – Uncompromisingly modern

In terms of fashion, lifestyle and trends, Calvin Klein is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful designers in the world. The long-term success of CK is the foundation for the material, the latest trends and the usability of the trousers, which makes the brand highly respected. In trousers, the company is definitely a global player. No wonder every pant of the company enchants both young and old, men or women in every respect.

Luxury Underwear – Calvin Klein Underwear

Style begins with Calvin Klein directly on the skin: With Calvin Klein underwear, the laundry becomes the formative part of your favorite outfits. Pants, panties, strings or boxershorts, enjoy style that you can feel! Calvin Klein underwear by high-quality material, sporty seat and stylish brand accents. This is the right dress for your favorite outfits. Elastic cotton fabrics combine high wearing comfort with the precious properties of the natural fiber. Both in the challenging everyday life, in a hot club night or on a long, relaxed weekend of wellness, you will love them.

Calvin Klein Jeans – The New York under denim pants

Why the initials CK have an exciting tingling around the world: casual and cool jeans! But what makes the success of the jeans from Calvin Klein? The American label CK has dedicated itself to purism. clear silhouettes meet subtle colors and high-quality materials. Do you feel a touch of luxury when you have a Calvin Klein Jeans on your hips? The best: through the clear design, a certain timelessness is attached to the designs and thus they remain trendy.

Calvin Klein Jeans at Second-Hand & Sale

Calvin Klein trousers are among the most popular in the world. Since Calvin Klein trousers is very popular in the fashion world, the demand is very high. The uniqueness in quality and design also has its price, which is why CK pants from last season as well as retro models are very much in demand. The timeless classics will never go out of style and represent a special value proposition. Catchys offers you a special variety of Calvin Klein pants in second-hand and sale. Check it out and find your new favorite piece for your wardrobe.

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Alternatives to Calvin Klein trousers

Calvin Klein trousers are your absolute favorites, but with just under 200 €, the pants are admitted already a small luxury investment. Catchys has put together the most beautiful alternatives for a smaller purse, if you do not want to do without the look. 1. Bench Underwear: Are you looking for an equal but cheaper alternative to the comfortable Calvin Klein underwear? We have something for you: Bench. Bench’s underpants thrive with sporty details and a contemporary cut. The wide waistband is soft and equipped with a large Bench-Logoprint – the optical highlight of the hipsterslip. The flat ends together with the super-soft, stretchy material ensure a particularly high wearing comfort. Due to the more hip, lower cut, the underpants fit perfectly under deeply cut pants and skirts. 2. Hilfiger pants: trend colors and a touch of classic make the pants collections of Tommy Hilfiger to the eye. Internationally positioned as a prestigious lifestyle brand, the fashion company has been thrilled with its trousers for more than 25 years, ladies and gentlemen. The combination of straight lines and deliberately set details makes the Tommy Hilfiger trousers very successful today, just like the Calvin Klein line.

Popular trousers models by Calvin Klein

You have decided to buy a Calvin Klein trousers, but do not know which model you should choose? Catchys introduces the most popular models to fall in love with.

The Calvin Klein Skinny Jeans

calvin klein skinny jeans blue
We love skinny jeans! Especially the Skinny jeans from Calvin Klein are very popular with ladies and gentlemen and make a simple figure. Thanks to a high stretch section in the denim, the tube jeans offer high comfort and nestle comfortably on each leg. They are particularly suitable for Calvin Klein skinny jeans for cool, young women, who want to put their femininity in a stylish way. Skinny jeans in the Destroyed-Look with cracks, gaping holes still belong to the Must-Haves in 2017. Whether it’s in gray, light blue, dark blue or black, Calvin Klein has the choice. Combine your jeans with a loose Oversized Tops or a Cropped Top, which especially match the High Waist variant. Sneakers or ballerinas round off the sporty look. Those who like it more elegantly combine pumps and an asymmetrical leather jacket to the outfit. For about 80 € you can welcome a Calvin Klein Jeans in your wardrobe.

Calvin Klein Men’s Pajama Shorts – for sweet dreams

Every pajama trousers by Calvin Klein for men has its own charm and will give you sweet dreams and a pleasant night’s sleep. Calvin Klein has a great demand for the comfort of the Calvin Klein men’s world. They are not only very comfortable, but they also have a stylish look with a pajama trousers from the American label. So even the night becomes a fashionable highlight. Always in trend with a mottled trousers in gray or black: The elastic waistband and the loose cut ensure a comfortable wearing comfort. The Calvin Klein men’s shorts are a special highlight with a big lettering with the name of the label on the side. For those who simply prefer it, they can access a pajama shorts without a signature made of skin-friendly cotton. Whether it’s light material or something thicker in the style of jogging pants – you have the choice. For the summer, of course, you will also find lighter sleeping pants. Karos are also in full swing, followed by black, white and gray. For which type of pajama shorts you choose: they give you a combination of comfort and style.
calvin klein pjs

Calvin Klein Underwear – trend items with high wearing comfort

calvin klein underwear black
At Calvin Klein underwear it was called: no matter what style – always comfortable. In the women’s underwear, Calvin Klein underpants score through high-caliber looks and great variety. Sporty pants and strings in modern, clear cuts and lots of colors make your plans with no compromise. A true classic is the model “Bikini”. Edel gray mottled, the model also shows much flair for urban style. The material is soft and gently adheres to the skin. The stretch ratio also ensures high freedom of movement. The wide rubber band with stripes and label imprints ensures wearing comfort throughout the day. The Calvin Klein brief stays true to the sporty design of the house and impresses with a cool look. The wide, cut-on brand name on the waistline almost invites you to use the underwear as a style element. Furthermore, the collection features delicate briefs with tasteful prints and patterns that emphasize your elegant side. Models with a fine lace trim are sensual, feather-light and also convince by their high wearing comfort. The gentlemen have the choice between valuable retropants in trendy, sporty cuts on the one hand. Slim, versatile and comfortable briefs without a leg point are ideal for sports and everyday life on the other side.

Calvin Klein Business Trousers

When it comes to fashionable basics with timeless elegance, no way leads to Calvin Kleinhosen. Whether you’re looking for light-weight or straight-cut business trousers, a business-look trouser or waist-pleat trousers or elegant, fashionable business trousers, you’ll be spoiled for choice at Calvin Klein. How about a new trouser in beautiful gray for the style-conscious business look? Or a black slim fit anzughose and colorful socks with CK logo print? For this, white sneakers are combined for the casual look, or leather suits for a glamorous appearance. The whole outfit is more serious with a fine slim tie and elegant black leather straps. The slim business look complete Slim Fit shirts – these also make an excellent figure for the Slim Straight Jeans and CK Sneakers. Calvin Klein’s creations are known for this flexibility: the minimalism of the minimalist design meets a touch of sex appeal, creating fashion that can be reinterpreted every day.
calvin klein business trousers black

Popular styles with Calvin Klein pants

Calvin Klein’s jogging trousers represent an urban, self-confident and undaunted lifestyle. With them, casual outfits can be put together, all of which are somewhere in the creative zone between athletic, comfortable and chic. For this reason, we want to give you some outfit ideas for the jogging pants of one of the coolest labels with which you can create your own styles. For the ladies: what is better for a big city stroll than a casual jogging trousers by Calvin Klein in dark blue without ornament. For example, you can wear a white blouse and a long coat over it. This elegant look is rounded off with a pair of beautiful pumps in the color of the coat and, depending on taste, also with a black leather clutch. If you prefer rocky-sexy, just wear a gray jogging trousers from Calvin Klein to a cool, black leather jacket. Perfect is the biker look. Black pumps as well as black sneakers fit. For the gentlemen: For men, we like to combine a stylish jogging trousers in dark blue with a casual shirt in the color of your choice and a pair of sporty lace-up shoes or sneakers in gray. Also casual: a black jogging trousers and white high sneakers. A simple white shirt and a gray long-sleeved shirt that you can wear over it. A casual look is ready for everyone, “I bring athleticism, comfort and chic under one hat”. To give you more inspiration, how to style a Calvin Klein trousers, we have a Pinterest board for you compiled.

Three reasons for Calvin Klein trousers

Calvin Kleinhosen – quality products with innovative fit

In addition to spectacular advertising campaigns and stylishly casual designs, the success of the Calvin Klein trousers is not least due to the quality of every single product. The first-class material selection and processing of the pants are reasons that are absolutely essential for them. The fit of the pants is also the focus. It is said that every trouser is only as good as its seat. CK certainly not a problem.

Calvin Klein trousers represent style-conscious and timeless design

If you decide for a jeans from the house of Calvin Klein, is in the style on the clearly safe side. Calvin Klein is known for hardly any other American designer for a purist and straightforward style. This also applies to his jeans. Although he takes up modern elements, such as the used look or Destroyed Elements, his pants remain timeless. Thus, the Calvin Klein pants have become your favorite part in wardrobe and that for many years.

With Calvin Klein trousers you get jeans and cult object in one

From the wide range of trousers on the market, the Calvin Klein trousers still stand out. Involuntarily, one thinks of the logo of the label to the successful advertising campaigns: Mark Wahlberg in casually unbuttoned jeans, the trained upper body naked – Calvin Klein pants are simply cult. Also because they are inevitably, cool and unaffected to the Designermode, which are absolutely portable and everyday.