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Pandora is a jewelry label from Denmark founded in 1982. Since then, the company has achieved great success, making it one of the largest jewelery brands in the world. The breakthrough Pandora achieved with his modern interpretation of the classic charm bracelet. The special feature: every single charm stands for a certain moment in your life that you always want to remember. So you can create your very own Charm Bracelet. If you want to start or expand your collection, check out Catchy's great second hand Pandora Charms!

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Did you know that …

  1. Pandora is the third largest jewelry manufacturer after Tiffany and Cartier
  2. meanwhile over 600 charms exist
  3. Pandora is socially engaged
  4. The founders of Pandora originally also wanted to import jewelery from Thailand and market it via their own label
  5. Pandora owns nearly 10,000 outlets

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Catchy’s Pandora Brand Guide

Pandora Charm Bracelets

With the jewelry system – the Charms – Pandora finally achieved the worldwide breakthrough in the jewelry scene. The design of the Pandora Charms is unique and can be designed individually. Create your very own Pandora Charm Bracelet and let your creativity run free. It is important to the jewelry label that the jewelry is made of high quality materials. For this Pandora uses sterling silver, 14K gold and Murano glass. The Pandora Charms are as individual as the wearer herself!

Pandora watches

In addition to the classic Charm collection, Pandora also created elegant watches. The Danish style has been retained and united with a high-quality and luxurious Swiss quality. Unfortunately, the production of Pandora watches was discontinued. Do not you still want to do without an elegant watch model from Pandora? Then browse through Catchy’s and find Second hand your matching Pandora watch.

Pandora rings

Gorgeous elegant rings is offered by the Pandora Ring collection. Whether in gold or in silver – here every jewelery lover finds her matching jewel. Delicate designs that embody the femininity of a woman are combined with modern elements. Especially nice are the different moonstones that stand for a particular month. Each Pandora ring can be individually combined with other rings of the collection.