Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty, the iconic label from Italy, stands for original cuts and casual clothes. The brand is especially known for her jeans and her classic is the super-tight waistcoat "Tommy". Miss Sixty reflects Italian flair again, with its simple and uncomplicated fashion, which can be spiced up by cool accessories. Catchys offers you a great selection of second hand and second season parts. Find your dream part of Miss Sixty today.

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Did you know that…

  1. Miss Sixty is part of the Sixty Group and employs over 1500 people.
  2. Even today the founder and designer, Hassan, who still designs himself.
  3. Miss Sixty Global on Instagram has over 12 500 subscribers.

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The story of Miss Sixty


Levi Strauss was born on 26 February as Löb Strauss in Buttenheim.


After his father died he migrated to America for economic reasons together with his mother and his two sisters


In the time of the gold noise: Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco. Together with his brother-in-law and brother Louis he founded a trade for short-dresses and fabrics called Levi Strauss & Co.


Strauss owns his own business building on Battery Street.


The tailor and customer of Levi Strauss, Jacob Davis, came up with the idea of ​​using rivets made of copper for garments to achieve a higher tear strength.


As Davis lacked money for patenting his proceedings, he turned to Strauss


Preservation of the patent as well as the year of birth of the jeans, or at that time still called Waist overalls


Origin of the “Two-Horse Brand”


Levi Strauss dies. His four nephews take over the business.


The large San Francisco quake and the subsequent fire destroyed the headquarters and two works by Levi Strauss & Co. The employees’ salaries are being paid continuously. A temporary headquarters is set up so that the employees can continue to work. Construction of a new plant.


The globalization of Levi’s begins. Markets such as Japan, Australia and South Africa are being conquered.


LS & Co. introduces Koveralls, playfuls for children


LS & Co. introduces Koveralls, playfuls for children


The “Lady Levi’s” is designed: High cut with narrow waist.


Denim for the first time not only work clothes but leisure clothing.


Opening of a plant in the south, Virginia


The red house mark “Batwing” is designed by Walter Landor & Associates and becomes the synonym of the brand


Levi Strauss & Co. manufactures clothing for the athletes of the Olympics


The famous “501 Blues” TV advertising campaign will be launched at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles


Time Magazine appoints the 501 jeans for the fashion product of the century


The Levi’s® Curve ID jeans are presented with a revolutionary fit system for women


Water less, a collection that reduces water consumption by up to 96% is brought to the market. Sustainability and style play an important role.

Popular models from Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty Jeans

Miss Sixty has a huge selection of denim wear. Different cuts, colors and styles. The pants are fashionable and always represent the current spirit of fashion, but also classics are preserved. A casual boyfriend jeans or rather a daring bell sock, Miss Sixty offers you the agony of choice.

Miss Sixty Shoes

Miss Sixty shoes have everything that the heart of women wore. They are simple, classic, elegant or also unusual, fashionable and with a very special Fashionista touch. They are always in fashion and round off every outfit.

Miss Sixty Dresses

The clothes of the Italian brand are elegant, daring, fashionable or casual. There is something for every taste. Miss Sixty tries to fulfill the wishes of the fashion lovers by unusual styles and high quality of the materials.