Men’s Wallets

The first gentlemen 's wallets are estimated at about 2,500 BC. Are dated from the ancient Egyptians. One thing the moneybags of the time were common to them: they were made of leather. If you are looking for men's wallet made of genuine Italian leather or cowhide, you'll find Montblanc, Bottega Veneta is also known for high-quality calfskin. The best leather imitations, but also genuine leather purse, are available at Trussardi.

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Style Guide Men’s Wallets

What the wallet tells of a man.

Show me your wallet and I’ll tell you who you are. Wallets often give more information about a man than a diary could ever. Finally, you’ll see your EC, credit, medical and insurance cards in it, and you may have photos of family and friends in it. Perhaps also the merkliste from the last purchase. If you are the type who only needs the most, you might like the particularly handy men’s wallet from the Hamburg-based manufacturer Montblanc , for example the masterpiece collection. If, however, you are more of a human being who is prepared for all eventualities, the generous folding models of Trussardi or Bottega Veneta with their numerous compartments are more suitable for you.

Which men’s wallet suits me?

Venetian craftsmanship and an elegant, timeless look. If this sentence appeals to you, you should look at the letters of Bottega Veneta. If you are more interested in individual embossing or embroidery, it is worth checking out at Montblanc. Innovative, trendy design comes from the creative minds of the Italian manufacturer Trussardi, whose briefcases always succeed in breaking the boundaries of existing styles and creating something completely new.

Men’s second-hand wallet – save money when it comes to money

Buying a purse at an unbeatable low price is like buying a wallet that already has money in it. Catchys lists for you special offers in the fields of second hand, second season or on sale. Here you can get men’s wallets from well-known designers at greatly reduced prices.

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