Men’s Sandals

Men's sandals are like coconuts on their feet. The feeling of freedom, flexibility and independence can give you no other shoes. From classic Italian models from Gucci to elegant, reserved sandals from Prada to the colorful parts of the young Canadian label Dsquared. The selection is great and there are so many greasy peas, into which man (s) can enter. In which convertible your feet make the best figure, our Style Guide will tell you.

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Styleguide Men’s Sandals

With the men’s sandal fashionable full-throttle

In addition to the sandalette for women, there are some models for men. The toe sandals are currently popular. With them, the heel region remains free, and between the first and second toe is a toe web with a slanting belt attachment. You’ll know the plastic toe strap under the more catchy name: Flip Flops. Another type are the Roman or gladiatorial sandals. These have a flat sole and bulging lacing. The third category includes functional sandals designed for either a specific sport or activity. This includes, for example, the Trekkingsandale. There is an iron rule for all models, which should never be broken, but unfortunately it is too often ignored: You can not wear socks for sandals. This fashionable faux pas shows great self-esteem and attracts attention, but not in the way it is desired.

On the fashionable fast lane with the sandal for men

It is clear to you that sandals should be assigned to the recreational area and that you should not wear them in the office if your boss is not an esoteric new-age devotee. But sandals outside the work make the impression. The combination of flip-flop and short jeans is visually unrivaled. You’re not doing anything wrong. Shorts fit naturally as well as any fashion that looks summery. Your outerwear should match your sandals, of course. Neutral colors such as strawberry or dull tones can be combined with almost anything. If you want it to be colorful, the colors of your sandal and your outerwear should be complementary colors. This means that they stand in the color circle. In this way you get a harmonious overall picture and make a perfect figure on vacation, at the beach or swimming pool

Second hand – the cheap way to the sandal

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