Men’s Necklaces

Body jewelry is not only reserved for women. Also as a man you can enhance your outfit with cool chains and put exciting accents. For example with the collars made of steel and leather from the detail-loving manufacturer Fossil. Or you'll get to Italian elegance with chains from Armani. To which outfit chains fit and what best suits you, tell us our style guide.

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Style Guide Men’s Necklaces

Trendy with men’s chains

Earlier, chains were reserved for the women and, besides the feast, Man (n) was allowed to wear only one watch and that was it. The exception were talismans for religious or esoteric reasons. Meanwhile, as a man you can upgrade your outfit optimally with a men’s chain, without crooked, but to be enviously looked at. The classic are anchor chains with oval chain links. These can be worn to a black sweater or shirt. In combination with a blue jeans you have the perfect everyday look, which is not bored but interesting. Armor chains with flat, angular chain links are offered to support your figure. In combination with a tank top or tight shirt, you make a strong and self-assured impression.

Special men’s necklaces for special occasions

Ball chains, in which the individual elements are round, have their very special charm. By their archetypical shape, you can wear them to almost anything, even to playful shirts or sweaters. Venetian chains ofArmani have square chain links and look very elegant and cosmopolitan. Together with Italian clothes, you can only take envious looks at you. An interesting game for the eyes are snake chains, in which the chain links pass. You should wear clothes with clear contours or without patterns. Thus your outfit harmoniously works and the snake chain can unfold its effect optimally. As far as the pendant of your necklace is concerned, your personal taste is in demand. In addition to the classic cross pendant, Fossil features server necklaces with various ornamental stones. There are also army-style chains with “dog” brands. Or chains with your star sign, an anchor or other motive. The selection is huge and there is something for every taste.

Clever savings with second hand chains

You will find particularly low-priced chains in our second hand section. Here, luxury chains are offered by designer manufacturers at a fraction of their original price second hand. So you can buy chains that are no longer produced. But also models from the previous collection are available in the Second Season section. Constantly new interesting offers come on Catchys purely.

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