Mens Lace-up Shoes

Men's lace-up shoes are the perfect all-rounder for a man. They are available in every conceivable color and are made from the most diverse materials. Lace-up shoes are also popular because they can be combined to create a chic outfit as well as a casual look. If you go out with a few friends in the evening or just go to the city to go shopping. Likewise, elegant lace-up shoes are perfect to make occasions such as a reception or a wedding.

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Style Guide Men’s Lace-Ups

There was a time when lace-up shoes were considered spotty. This is by no means true today. They are available in all sorts of variations, such as boots, classic, or sporty boots. Some ideas on how to combine these variations well and stylish can be found in our Style Guide.

The elegant under the men’s lace-up shoes

On the one hand, lace-up suits perfectly to the elegant look. Be it a classic to suit or a dark jeans, combined with a white shirt and rounded off by a nice jacket. To such an outfit, for example, black Gucci lace-up shoes from smooth leather or brown Santoni leather lace-up shoes.

Men’s lace-up shoes only for the office?

The classic laced shoe – the Budapest – can be seen polished in the morning on the way to the office with suit. In doing so, the potential of this extremely beautiful lace-up shoe is misunderstood. You can also combine it with a high-cut “skinny jeans” and a simple white shirt to create your personal and cool look with the Budapest. But also the normal men’s shoe can look casual. For this you need a “Destroyed-Jeans”, a cool biker leather jacket and a simple shirt. With this look “less is more”. Here the shoes should be the focus. As it is worth it already times in beautiful brand boots to invest and so the attention to draw. Of course, you’ll find a lot more fashionable, classic and elegant men’s lace-up shoes at Catchys. No matter if you are looking for a shoe of rough, wild or smooth leather. We have a great selection of great second hand and second season items from Prada, Hermès, Versace and Balenciaga for you

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