Men’s Gloves

When the days get colder and the first snow falls, it's time to give your hands a cuddly and protective garment. Men's gloves are not only warm but fashion accessories that complete and enhance your outfit. The selection ranges from practical functional gloves from Roeckl, to elegant models made of nappa leather and rich embellishment from Bottega Veneta, to cuddly comfortable gloves from cashmere from COS. Our Styleguide shows you which best suits you.

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Style Guide Men’s Gloves

The men’s glove – as individual as you are

As with every piece of clothing, the material of the glove also depends on the material. Leather is a popular classic and always a good choice for a high quality glove. You should not buy leather gloves, however, as natural materials usually still expand a bit. Visually impressive parts made of special leather and with Intrecciato braid patterns for the fashion-conscious man are available at Bottega Veneta . If you are looking for more comfort and a cuddly feeding, the collections of COS will please you. Pragmatics with a sense of aesthetics come at Roeckl at their expense. Here a timeless look and practical designs form a fascinating symbiosis. Of course, you need the glove as well. If you’re on the road in winter sports, use Roeckl’s functional and robust men’s gloves. You’ll be impressed with Bottega Veneta’s stylish models and the private sector with COS everyday gloves.

From the second hand into your own – So Man (n) buys men’s gloves

Luxury gloves from Roeckl (0,25: 0,5), Bottega Veneta (0,25: 0,5), COS (0,25: 0,5) and other renowned manufacturers can be found here on Catchys particularly favorably. Especially in the fields of second hand and second sale you can make so great bargains. Some designer models, which you can not find anywhere else, can be found on Catchys at very reduced prices. Man (s) buy gloves at Cleverest.

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