Men’s Dufflecoats

In the second world war, the British field marshal Bernard Montgomery carried a duffle coat. Since then the coat made of heavy woolen material is also called "Monty Coat" or "Monty". Models from his homeland come primarily from the designer label Burberry. But also from North America come men's dufflecoats. From Canada by Dsquared and from the USA by Ralph Lauren. Which style duffle coat best suits you and why you can wear it?

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Style Guide Men’s Dufflecoats

Why you can wear dufflecoats

The Dufflecoat is originally a clothing exclusively for men. That’s why the design with the hood, the shorter hem and the toggle closures is also perfect for men to set elegant accents. With the classic Burberry duffle coat you look distinguished and elegant. It not only protects you reliably against cold and wind, but also gives you an experienced and stylish appearance. In the leisure area, American coats give you masculinity and a strong appearance. It is best to combine them with jeans and half-shoes. For the business area, you can wear your duffle coat together with fabric pants and shirt, thus benefiting from the classic design of the coat.

To whom dufflecoats fit

The beauty of dufflecoats is that almost every man can wear them. The intelligent design seems to be designed specifically for men. It is, however, unknown where it comes from. Possibly it is a further development of the Polish Troop on the first half of the 19th century. Or the form goes back to the monastic orders of monks. In both theories, the duffle coat corresponds to a typically masculine appearance and thus contributes to gender accentuation. Dufflecoats are three-tiered and single-tiered. The closures are mainly made of wood or horn. The coat itself is made of duffel. The composition makes it practical and comfortable to wear.

Men’s second hand dufflecoats

The price-conscious man finds his designer coat of luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren or Dsquared here on Catchy’s second hand. Coats, which are no longer managed in other shops or have become a collector’s item, can be found here at reasonable prices. Last season’s models are also heavily reduced in Second Season. So you can get the perfect coat with just a few mouse clicks for a little money, which you can wear to almost anything. A look is worth it.

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