Men’s Boots

In case of falling temperatures, bad weather or the first snow, it is time to adjust your shoes correctly. Men's boots offer you reliable protection during the cold season and look good. No matter whether chic leather shoes by Tom Ford, Italian design by Tods, cozy warmly-fed Timberland boots or Swedish charm from the house of Acne. There is something for every taste and every weather. Find a matching pair from our Second Hand, Second Season and Sale Fundus at Catchys and look forward to great bargains!

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Style Guide Men’s Boots

The men’s boots as a functional shoe.

Climb mountaineys or rough terrain will work best with the right men’s boots. Timberland offers you warm boots with feeding, through which the next mountain becomes a clack. Sailing boots for the boat sport, polo boots for riding or solid shoes for hiking or for forest walks. Among the offers at Catchys regularly men’s boots of well-known brands such as Timberland, Ludwig Reiter or Dr. Martens at best prices to find. Discover yourself!

Men’s boots in everyday life & office

The Chelsea boat, for example, from Tods or Acne, is an all-connoisseur. Named after the London borough and since the success of the Beatles is an integral part of the fashion world, it is suitable with its unedited upper and the lateral rubber band inserts to both the casual jeans and the office to suit and tie. For example, if you prefer shoes with laces, the George Boot is from Timberland, named after King George the Sixth. This men’s boot offers freedom and comfort with its ankle height. Or the original Jodhpur from the Reitsport, for example from Acne, with Indian roots, which with its elegant look is an excellent business shoe. By the way perfectly suited to narrow tufts.

Tradition Trend – the many faces of men’s boots

Everyone knows the traditional western or cowboy boots, for example from Tom Ford. On Catchys you find vintage copies in the Second Hand and Second Season section, which you can not buy elsewhere. Used brand leather boots from JM Weston or Timberland, suede from Tods or Boots from Tom Ford – that makes a rummage worthwhile! Retro lovers will also get their money’s worth. Featuring the matching men’s boots as on a tennis court of the 70s, give your look expression over boots in the military or safari look, and access the high-quality models of well-known design brands, which you can buy at Catchys at special prices.

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