Men’s Backpacks

While ladies often prefer handbags, men are often more practical in this regard - to have free hands, they usually prefer to go to the backpack. Functional design for a lot of storage space is provided by Swedish manufacturers such as Fjällräven. From France elegant, modern forms of Luxusherstellers such as Givenchy come. Robust outdoor style of the Canadian Lables Herschel gives your look professionalism and makes for adventure. Catchys has a range of well-known brands from the sales, second hand and second season categories for you.

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Style Guide Men’s Backpacks

Hiking is the men’s backpacks lust

Optimal backpacks for hiking are offered by Herschel and Fjällräven with their fashionably rustic design and their intelligent functionality. This makes them useful companions on every trip.

The backpack as an art object

At Givenchy, men’s backpacks become an art object. Fancy prints and cool motifs give your backpack personality. Givenchy is known for men’s backpacks, which look not only pretty, but also represent something. If you want to be noticed, you are right here. Catchys lists for you the most advantageous offers at a glance.

The simple backpack type

If you feel uncomfortable with too much extravagance, there may be more natural, reserved colors of Herschel’s functional pressure bags. Or robustly waxed fabric in classic colors with leather elements from Fjällräven. The latter are extremely stable and durable; ideal for longer trips or survival trips.

Men’s backpacks of the first choice second hand

The second hand is the first choice for Catchys. Especially retro rucksacks or older models, which you can not get anywhere else, can be found here. Browse by Catchys for designs by Alexander McQueen personally or John Galliano for Givenchy or many other designers who are no longer active in the fashion houses. Likewise older models from Fjällräven like the popular backpack No.21, which have a lot of storage space and timeless looks, you can find with some luck with us. Right nostalgia feel comes with the classic collection from Herschel. It is worthwhile in any case.

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