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Maje was not founded until 1999 in Paris. The relatively young label is now all the more successful. The fashionable genes were already put into the cradle of the founders, Judith Milgrom. The designer is the younger sister of the founders of the label Sandro Paris. Maje stands for very feminine fashion in soft colors such as rose or sand, which is exclusively created for women. With her designs, the designer interprets the French chic of the Parisian women again and again. The collections of Maje live from creative prints and fancy fabrics combined with unique cuts to create a vintage flair. It is precisely for this reason that the fashion pieces of Maje are perfect for second hand shopping at Catchys.

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Did you know that …

  1. the designer originally came from Morocco
  2. the designer is the younger sister of the founder of the label Sandro Paris
  3. the collections are made exclusively for women
  4. the name Maje is the connection of the initials of the first names of persons, which are of great importance to the founder, Judith Milgrom
  5. the designer skilfully interprets the French chic of the Parisians

Why is Second Hand at Maje worthwhile?

With Maje, you are a bit closer to the Parisian “je ne sais quoi” – the high-quality French fashion is second hand but not just more affordable – you’ll find among other things very special blouses, sweaters or coats from past collections that their own history tell.

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Catchy’s Maje Brand Guide

Maje clothes

The heart of the collections are the beautiful and feminine maje gowns of soft colors. The playful designs in the romantic vintage look and rock chic are always worth a investment. The Maje dresses are best combined with a cool Maje Lederjacke in biker look. The ready-to-wear style of the fashionable pieces, at an affordable price, makes the Maje gowns the absolute it-piece of the Fashion scene. At Catchys you will also find your perfect second-hand dress by Maje in a casual vintage look.