These are the three most beautiful vintage jewelery classics for your wish list

Hard to believe, but the year is already coming to an end. Madness as fast as time passes. I was still strolling in the sunshine with my summer dress and a delicious ice cream through the park and now I have to mutter myself cuddly, so I do not froze outside. For at least in the north the cool autumn has arrived so correctly. But: I am a total autumn and winter child and not only because I have a birthday in November. For me, now starts the absolutely most beautiful time of the year. The whole Halloween spooky is over and now it is said: Christmas is coming! Only a few times sleep and the Christmas glow fulfills the house – at least with me. This year I’m really early on! Advent? Done. Advent Calendar? Done. Decoration ? Of course done. What is still missing is the wish list for my sweetheart. I just can not decide … at least to make the decision easier for you, we show you today the three most beautiful vintage jewelery classics for your wish list.

Vintage jewelery classics simply look high-quality, which they are self-evident. Therefore, you should rather invest in some (few) jewelery classics, instead of having a whole box full of jewelery, which dyes and which you no longer wear after a season anyway.

Jewelry Classic by Tiffany & Co

Nothing goes beyond jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Every girl and woman is dreaming of giving her the little turquoise box with the white ribbon at least once in her life. Dreams can come true! The jewelry of Tiffany & Co is popular with women of all ages. Especially the classic ” Return to Tiffany & Co ” series is still coveted. No wonder, because the jewelery makes every heart beat faster. Apropos Heart: The classic heart of Tiffany & Co is found on almost every necklace, ring, bracelet, earring and even the key pendant.

Ring classic by Cartier

A true vintage classic among the jewelery is the Trinity Ring by Cartier. The special thing about this ring is, of course, the look. The ring consists of three single rings of three gold tones, intertwined. The combination of red, yellow and white gold is so harmonious and stylish that this ring really stands for every woman. Symbolically, the red stands for love, the yellow for fidelity, and the white for friendship. The design is classic and absolutely timeless. Anyone who attaches such a piece of jewelry will have it for eternity.

Vintage bracelet by Hermès

If we talk about vintage jewelery classics, a piece of jewelery must not be missing. The ” Le bracelet H ” by Hermès. Due to its simplicity, the bracelet is so elegant and stylish that it is absolutely timeless. The brace with the H-logo plays around the wrist and is a great alternative to a watch, but also in combination with other bracelets, the Hermès bracelet gives a great look. The vintage bracelet comes in many different color variants and can be closed with the H buckle in gold.

If there is still space on your wish list, then a vintage jewelery classic would surely be a great and wonderful idea for a Christmas present. After all, which woman can not be surprised with sparkling jewelery at Christmas? Many jewelery classics have a very special charm due to their vintage flair, so you should definitely look at Catchys for your favorite piece of jewelery and who knows, maybe it will soon be under your Christmas tree!

Small tip: Vintage jewelery classics of Chanel go by the way always synonymous! Particularly beautiful and elegant I find the classic ear studs made of metal and strass with the CC logo, which are also suitable for the smaller purse perfectly as a gift.

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