The most popular watch models by Marc Jacobs

A beautiful watch completes every outfit, giving it the finishing touch, so to speak. In addition to Daniel Wellington , Cluse and Michael Kors , the watches by Marc Jacobs are among the absolute top sellers on the market. And rightly so! The Marc Jacobs watches are modern yet timeless, elegant. They embody a touch of luxury that can sweeten a so many days in everyday life. The Marc Jacobs watches are available in a variety of styles. As a striking chronograph, with logo lettering in rose or classic plain in gold with leather strap in the current trend design and many more. We will show you the most popular watches from the Marc Jacobs collection and the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and provide you with all the details of the different models. You are wondering now, because you know the second line Marc by Marc Jacobs was discontinued in 2015? Exactly! Nevertheless, the Marc by Marc Jacobs watches still rank among the most popular models. We do not want to neglect them, of course. And the good is yes, you can still find it numerous on the second hand market and in the remaining stocks of jewelers. That’s why we show you the three most popular models of Marc by Marc Jacobs watches and, of course, the three most popular watches from the current Marc Jacobs collection.

The most popular models of Marc Jacobs watches

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch Baker

The Baker is one of the absolute dream watches by Marc by Marc Jacobs. The design is very simple and has a large dial, which is available in different colors. The dial of the analogue clock is kept minimal, with dashes as indices and contains the inscription “MARC”. Depending on your preference, you can buy the simple watch with a link or leather strap. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Baker is offered in gold, silver and in the fashionable rose gold tone. We at Catchys love the Baker by Marc by Jacobs because it is timeless and thus also the upcoming Seasons will be trendy. Whoever decides for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker definitely invests in a piece of jewelery that will accompany a long time. The Baker is worth about 200 €. On Catchys you find the good piece already for 150 € in good condition.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Amy

The model Amy by Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of the most feminine models of the label. A wide lettering “MARC BY MARC JACOBS” framed the white dial of the chic stainless steel watch. The dial itself is decorated with eight glass stones and is therefore particularly noble. The Amy by Marc by Marc Jacobs is equipped with a wide link strap, which is closed by a toggle buckle. The beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy watch is available in gold, silver and rose gold as well as in different sizes. For example, the mini-version is also perfect for delicate wrists without being too dominant. The Amy by Marc by Marc Jacobs is undoubtedly a fantastic watch and the right choice for all ladies of you. Due to its elaborate design the Amy is minimally more expensive and is now around 210 €. On Catchys you can find the feminine Marc by Marc Jacobs watch from 150 €.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Sally

Another Marc by Marc Jacobs watch that follows the minimalist trend is the Sally model. A wide, round dial is a narrow bracelet and creates an interesting contrast. The Marc by Marc Jacobs watch Sally is available as an option with a thin link bracelet as well as with a leather bracelet. Depending on preference, the beautiful clock looks more elegant or sporty. The dial of the Sally is simple and very similar to the Baker model: It has dashes as indices and contains the inscription “MARC”. Whoever chooses Marc by Marc Jacobs for the Sally chooses a simple watch, which nevertheless never gets boring due to its refined design. For the Sally Marc by Marc Jacobs watch you have to spend about 190 €. At Catchys you can find the pretty model from the second season at cheaper prices.

Marc Jacobs Riley

With the design of the Riley meets Marc Jacobs times again into the black. The simple watch features a round dial and has a refined twist. The special Clue? The numbers are centered and the second hand is replaced separately by the number 6. The Riley is one of the most popular watches from the current Marc Jacobs collection. No wonder, because the Riley is simple but not boring. Their timeless design makes them a real all-rounder. For the cool jeans outfit, Marc Jacobs’s Riley looks just as great as an elegant business look. The Riley is a true transformation artist! Depending on your preferences you can buy the beautiful Marc Jacobs watch in silver, gold, rose gold or also as two tone model. In addition, the Riley is also available with a smaller dial, which is somewhat different in design. Instead of a few digits, small rivets occur in the small Riley. The Marc Jacobs Riley is priced between 180 € – 230 €. On Catchys you can find the popular clock a lot cheaper.

Marc Jacobs Roxy

The Roxy is one of the latest design highlights from the current Marc Jacobs collection. Her round dial is very similar to the Baker watch from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. The minimalistic digitsheet is kept simple and marked with indices as dashes. Like the Baker, the Roxy by Marc Jacobs also contains the legend “MARC”. The Roxy is, so to speak, the more modern version of the Baker and has undergone a small Umstyling. The Roxy watch from Marc Jacobs is available with leather or link bracelet. Depending on taste, the Roxy looks more sporty or elegant. The Roxy is undoubtedly a great watch for everyday life, which will still be modern in many years. If you decide for the Roxy from Marc Jacobs, you have to spend about 180 € for the version with leather bracelet and 200 € for the stainless steel version.

Marc Jacobs The Vic

In contrast to most Marc Jacobs watches, The Vic has no round dial but is square. The beautiful The Vic is the perfect Marc Jacobs watch for all nostalgics among you, because it reminds of great vintage treasures, which you can get in exclusive second hand shops or to the heirloom of the grandparents. Its classic yet striking design looks fine on every wrist and is less tied to seasonal trends. The Vic is available in different versions. With a leather strap it looks more everyday, while the fine stainless steel bracelet is more elegant. Depending on the occasion, both The Vic watches can be combined very well. The Vic is available in two sizes. Depending on the wrist you can choose the right size. In addition to the classic tones of silver, gold and rosé, The Vic is also available as a Two Toned model. This makes it particularly easy to style other jewelery. The Vic Marc Jacobs watch is slightly more expensive compared to its predecessors. Depending on the model it is new between 200 – 280 €. Used, you can buy The Vic from Marc Jacobs at Catchys at cheaper prices!

Materials of Marc Jacobs Watches

All Marc Jacobs Watches are made of high quality stainless steel and the dials are sealed with a scratch-resistant mineral glass. This makes the Marc Jacobs watches well protected against possible damage and, in good handling, often still in top condition even after years of wear. That pays off especially with vintage models. The Marc Jacobs watches are also used mostly still in very good condition. The careful handling of the design piece is of course the prerequisite here. Each of the Marc Jacobs watches is also powered by a precision quartz movement and also sets quality standards. In addition, the beautiful watches by their high-quality workmanship even withstand a water pressure up to 5 bar. You can also wear your Marc Jacobs watch while swimming or showering, without worrying about the functionality of your watch.

Vintage & Second Hand Marc Jacobs Watches

Some of the presented watches are part of Marc Jacobs’ current collection, while others are from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Since the second collection Marc by Marc Jacobs unfortunately two years ago, there are some of the trendy watches, such as the Amy (one of our absolute favorites) only to buy in remaining stocks as new. Most of the watches from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collections are now second-hand! Of course you will also find used watches from the current collection and can get your favorite model so much cheaper. Whether you’re looking for a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, or looking for a model of the current Marc Jacobs collection, it’s worth looking out for catchys and looking for the fashionable designer watches. So you can not only save money, but also get the coveted designs from the second season. So, what are you waiting for? Catchys have collected the most beautiful models of Marc Jacobs watches for you. We are looking forward to your choice!

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