The most famous watch models ever

” Watchblogger ” they are called – Blogger, which the Watchbranche after a long abstinence times again to boast really to boom. With success! In today’s Digital Influencer generation, Blogger is the only one who knows what new watch model is trendy and totally hip and which should be left in the drawer better. Meanwhile, the influencers are the pointers of the time and know exactly which watch on the wrist is so real. The watch is an excellent statement-piece, which gives the men a little opportunity to wear stylish jewelery. A watch, however, is not just a watch – as fashion and accessories can be fashioned with the timepiece fashionably and the personality in the right light. But: A watch should always match the style of the wearer and the wearer and underline the look. There are a few things to keep in mind, because each watch label stands for a certain style. We show you today the best known watch models ever!

The Datejust of Rolex

The model Datejust of the Swiss watchmaker Rolex is a true vintage dream, because after all, the model was presented at the end of the 50s. Thus this watch is one of the oldest models of Rolex. The Datejust is reduced to the essentials and impresses with its simple elegance as well as its sporty-elegant look. Characteristic of the watch is the date magnifier, also known as cyclolpe. The ladies model Datejust measures a diameter of 26 to 28 millimeters.

The Santos of Cartier

Once created by the Frenchman Louis-François Cartier for his friend Albert Santos-Dumont, the Santos by Cartier is one of the best-known watch models for men. It is one of the first aviation and wristwatches and is available today at Cartier. Meanwhile, the model is also available in many variants for women and is a real view of the wrist. The geometrical design with the sporty look evaluates every outfit immediately.

The Reverso of Jaeger-leCoultre

A watch label, which may not dangle on every wrist, but it should definitely! For more than 150 years, Jaeger-leCoultre has been designing beautiful clocks and leaves nothing to be desired by its customers. The Reverso is the most famous model of the house, was designed in 1931 and is still today in the art deco style. The highlight of the watch is the refined design. The watch glass is protected by a reversible center piece and does not run the risk of a broken fall.

The Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch from Omega

Now it’s sporting – with the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch from Omega. The model was known in 1969 by its wearer Edwin ” Buzz ” Aldrin. According to the motto “once to the moon and back again,” the American astronaut wore this watch when he landed on the moon. That is why she also bears the additional name Moonwatch. This model tells a real story and now there are numerous variants.

The Calatrava Patek Philippe

Elegance is timeless; this also applies to watches. And the Patek Philippe Calatrava has proved this for 80 years! The type of time measurement can not be more beautiful and more stylish. We certainly agree. The Patek Philippe Calatrava stands for an elegant look, which the watch has not lost in its reissue 2005. One thing, however, all these well-known watch models have in common: They are particularly casual and they are only announced by their cool look with vintage flair. If you would like to own one of the most famous watch models of all time, you should definitely look at Catchys and strike straight away!

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