These Swarovski jewelry you should own

Admittedly: In the Teenageralter and the 20s, the fewest of us buy real jewelry. There is / was the rotatable jewelry stand in the next department store or the accessories department at various fashion chains our best fashion jewelry dealers. Well, who will recognize himself again? With each year we age more or less, we are also more mature. The action in so many situations is again thought over and also the look changes in most cases. We are growing up! And what’s the big thing about it? True: genuine jewelry or at least high-quality fashion jewelry. Most of all, Swarovski , because the small crystal stones sparkle so wonderfully beautiful – a little girl we finally stayed. And girls love everything that sparkles and glitters! Since we can not decide with all the beautiful Swarovski jewelry partout, we show you today a small, but fine selection of Swarovski jewelry pieces, you should absolutely possess.

Swarovski jewelry is something for lovers. We especially like the fact that the individual jewelry of Swarovski can be perfectly combined with each other. You’ll definitely be a glamorous eye-catcher.

The Attract Light Swirl Ring by Swarovski

Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski The curved ring is a real eye-catcher both optically and from the processing. In any case, it is priced in the frame, so you can certainly ask your loved one for the anniversary. The Great: The ring is made of rhodium. This noble metal from the group of platinum metals does not start. It does not get any better!

Circle Small Earrings by Swarovski

Timeless, classic, Circle Small earrings! This is exactly what these two pieces of Swarovski are. The discreet circular shape is elegant and puristic. If you love minimalism and do not love to decorate with jewelry, you will love these earrings. The metal in rhodium-plated finish is not guaranteed with this Swarovski jewelry.

Bracelets from Swarovski

If you would like to put some more jewelry or want to make a statement with your Swarovski jewelry pieces, the Swarovski bracelets are perfect for you. We are very enthusiastic about the Bound bracelet. The tank chain members are still totally hip and rock every look. Style the Swarovski bracelet cool to jeans and a plain shirt or put it with an evening dress in scene.

Iconic Swan pendant

The absolute classic of Swarovski is and remains the Iconic Swan pendant. Of course, it is no coincidence that the logo of the Austrian jewelry label is a swan. The graceful and elegant classic has already been reworked several times. Currently he presents himself as a red gold-plated swan pendant. Perfect is the pendant (size 2 x 1.5 cm) on a 38 cm long chain.

Iconic Swan earrings

Swarovski’s cult swan not only charms you as a pendant, but also as an earring. Because the Iconic Swan is actually available in all jewelry designs. It is just the classic. But: Never, never, never ever go allover in Swan Style. This is something too much of the good. Put the focus on a Swarovski jewelry in swan optics. That is enough and you are not declared as a bright Christmas tree.

Watches from Swarovski

The label not only creates classic jewelry, but has also proved its worth in the production of wrist watches. Swarovski watches the right styling power. If I had not really thought! Because: The Swarovski watches are anything but dull and discreet. Elegant sophistication combined with urban chic makes your look look absolutely stylish. Even Karlie Kloss as a current testimonials watches Swarovski’s watches. And what the model wears, we also want to have it!

Unlike other ladies’ watches, the Swarovski models are very discreet from their proportions. Elegance and style are the focus here. Movable details like the dial and feminine bright colors round off the look of the timepieces. At Swarovski you will also find your new favorite clock, bet?

Styling tip: Combine with the Swarovski watch your favorite bracelet and you are already trendy.

Solitaire earrings from Swarovski

Solitaire Earrings by Swarovski Earrings are my favorite jewelry style, if you can call it that. Because: they match almost all outfits and make the look look a bit more elegant and sophisticated. My most charming earrings, which I wear almost daily, are actually from Swarovski – the Solitaire. Small plugs that simply glitter splendidly. These earrings are also made of rhodium and do not oxidize. What you can do, however, when your one or other Swarovski jewelry starts, you can read further below. The Solitaire earrings really are always a good choice and are also suitable as a gift for the sister or best friend.

Engagement ring of Swarovski

On a day in the life of every woman it may become special and sparkle, what keeps the stuff: at the engagement. Secretly, every woman as a small girl wants a marriage application as he is in the book – with all that belongs to it. The perfect engagement ring must not be missing. After all, the men should make us happy that day. How about a Swarovski engagement ring? The label offers so many beautiful rings to choose from, since Man (n) really is spoiled for choice. We particularly like the classic solitaire ring – or a more unusual model? There is also the one or other Swarovski ladies ring excellently as an engagement ring. Decide for yourself!

A little hint: Just to Valentine’s Day, Swarovski always brings beautiful and romantic jewelry collections such as the series of Crystal Wishes to the market. So if you are lucky and can choose something from your loved one to the day of love – how about a new Swarovski jewelry?

Swarovski Jewelry – a classic with history:

The Swarovski jewelry is always timeless and true. No wonder the label has existed for more than a century. In 1895 Daniel Swarovski founded his company of the same name in Watten am Inn. For the production of its crystals, the young company founder needed a lot of water for grinding or cooling, so the selected location was perfect. Even today, the company is based there and accounts for a large part of Wattens. Even an experience museum has been on the Swarovski site since 1995. How exactly the glittering stones are now made remains secret! There should be no copy cats. In the jewelry industry, Swarovski is always ahead of the market with a lot of labels, which makes the jewelry so irresistible.

Good to know : Did you know that even Coco Chanel did their designs with Swarovski crystals? In the 1930s, sew-on crystal-coated ribbons and braids came onto the market. And that is exactly what the unique French designer used for her fashion. Oh, the French love Swarovski: In the Palace of Versailles (near Paris), the company equipped the restored apartments of Madame de Pompadour, the maitresse Louis XV, and provided with crystal lights of strass of Swarovski!

How to clean your Swarovski jewelry correctly

Who does not know – you just bought beautiful new jewelry from silver (or gold) and after a while they run. No panic: No one has cheated you for cheap stuff! Genuine jewelry oxidizes in the fresh air, which is completely normal. Unfortunately! However, with the right care and a few home remedies, you can bring your Swarovski jewelry back to light.

What do Swarovski silver jewelry do?

You have saved your well-earned money and have a wonderful Swarovski necklace made of silver. Congratulations! So you got – in the truest sense of the word – a real piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, Swarovski silver jewelry reacts to air or water – mostly rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are affected. If it is to go fast, then a classic silver cleaning cloth is excellent. But who would prefer a home remedy , this tip is “gold”: simply fill a bowl with water and saline the liquid sufficiently. Then spread small pieces of the aluminum foil in the salt water, the jewelry pure and can start!

Extra tip: Ketchup! Like ketchup? Yes – that really has everyone at home, right? Ketchup works perfectly with Swarovski engagement rings with diamond or the typical small Swarovski stones. Here’s how: Put the Swarovski jewelry in a bowl of ketchup. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse with clear water. Finished!

What do Swarovski jewelry made of gold do?

If you have jewelry from supposedly real gold and start it, then it is very likely gold-plated silver. Because: Real gold does not oxidize like silver – but can be dull.

With Swarovski jewelry from genuine gold helps egg! Simply separate the egg yolk from the egg whites and mix with salt. Then spread the egg salt combi onto the gold and rub in well. Does the gold shine again? Then rinse with lukewarm water.

Extra tip: To ensure that your Swarovski jewelry does not even start, you should “take notice” of a few things – pack your jewelry in the evening before sleeping, before the sport or before the shower simply into one of these practical zip bags. Keep your bag on a shady, dry and not too warm place – on the heating would be rather impractical!

If you do not already have a Swarovski jewelry and want to spare your money bag, look at Catchys and you’ll get your sparkling Swarovski piece with a vintage look.

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