Put a ring on it - so kombinierst du deine Ringe

Wearing and combining rings is a wonderful detail that is sometimes underestimated. Jewelry and accessories are important elements and simply belong to fashion! With the help of these jewelery, filigree rings, cocktail rings or knuckle rings you can put a statement, underline your style or direct a whole look in a different direction.

Filigree rings

For some time, the trend has been to create filigree rings, which are combined with each other. The rule, we do not wear gold or silver jewels, we officially take off. For jewelery, as with all other themes, it is also possible to do what pleases. And we find: gold, silver and rose gold can be worn wonderfully at the same time. Especially the rose gold trend harmonizes so wonderfully to silver. By the way, Roségold, or Russengold, was already in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century. The red nuance is due to the fact that some copper is added to the pure gold or silver. Depending on the proportions to be mixed, the rose gold tone varies. Narrow rings in silver and rose gold can look particularly beautiful in combination when three filigree rings are worn on one finger.

cocktail rings

Women who want to underline their look and put emphasis on details are wearing a ring. Of course there is no harm to change, so we would like to introduce another styling tip for rings: cocktail rings were especially popular in the 1920s, some of them might have inherited the real jewelery with the integration of a diamond or crystal. The “Klunker” look particularly to elegant occasions, combined to an evening dress, glamorous. But even in everyday life the cocktail ring can be worn, in combination with very simple rings. The jewelery can also become the highlight of the outfit, if the rest is kept simple in dark tones. Remarkable rings are thus particularly noticeable and are nevertheless not “over the top”.

On which finger do I wear the ring?

Classic is worn with a ring at the ring finger. But the other fingers are also ideal for carrying a ring. It is contemporary when rings are combined on several fingers. A filigree ring at the index finger, a wider model at the ring finger, a knuckle ring at the middle finger. There are no limits to creativity. Depending on the taste, the jewelery pieces can be “diced” differently. The combination Ringfinger-Showfinger looks particularly cool, but also a ring on the thumb looks gorgeous.

Classic rings

Jewelery and accessories are investments. That is why classic rings are on our wish list, which do not go with the trend, but are timeless favorite pieces. The Cartier Trinity Ring not only combines sophistication with elegant design, but even the combination of several color nuances described above. Here we introduce you to more jewelery classics. Also brands like Pomellato, Dodo and Swarovski have beautiful rings in their collections. Anyone who has already found his favorite jeweler can wear the rings of the collections perfectly or mix labels – thus the handmade jewelry is even more varied.

Pay attention to well-groomed hands

Who wears rings should, of course, also pay attention to well-groomed hands. Especially in the winter time hands tend to feel dry and rough. A small beauty tip of the editorial team: of course beautifully cultivate with coconut oil! The oil knows a few from the kitchen, but also as skin care makes coconut optimally. Even varnished, well-groomed nails look beautiful with rings decorated hands.

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