Vintage Jewelry - How to Combine Statement Chains?

From real jewelery to fashion jewelry

The vintage jewelery is gaining in value through memories of earlier masterpieces by designers. According to Tony Viscontis, words are much too easy to overlook that today’s vintage has once been brand new. The history of jewelery is due to the early 18th century. At that time the Paris jeweler Georges Frédéric Strass developed the first jewelery creations from the so-called fashion jewelry. Unlike the real jewelery, this consisted of a glass paste, which was hard enough to be ground in a brilliant cut. Over the years, several well-known fashion magazines were established, such as the Harpers Bazaar magazine in New York in 1862. These magazines gradually increased the hype of this jewelry. The fashion jewelry by Coco Chanel in the 1920s was really well-known for its collections with the “spurious” materials, thus making the fashion jewelry beads sociable. Many pieces of these designs were great opulent chains . Audrey Hepburn, the stylist of the time, used to love these jewelery, and the statement chains were born.

Colorful statement chains for good mood

Meanwhile, every second woman has at least one such chain to change their simple outfits and make them look glamorous. The vintage chains with the bright colors turn the dreary winter sweater into a fashionable eye-catcher. The neon colors recurring in several collections are a very big help for this. Chains of labels such as Shourouk or Aurélie Bidermann are among the most popular jewelery in the vintage onlineshops.

Rhaiem Shourouk, the Paris-based designer behind the Shourouk brand, is inspired by her Tunisian roots and by her favorite destination in India to the bright colors. Actually, she wanted to try the design of the jewelery for the public only – luck for us. Seven years later we are looking forward more and more when we find their chains, even cheaper than a vintage model, online. Especially when the darker colors predominate in the winter and the desire to wear is warm enough and at the same time fashionable to wear, this statement jewelry is one of the most important accessories .

Statement jewelry in all price categories

These jewelery are now available in various shapes, colors and, above all, sizes. Designers like Roberto Cavalli and Lanvin or Shourouk like to show it in their collections and also brands such as Zara or H & M sell successfully more favorable versions. One thing is clear: these chains never lose their color and spice up every outfit in winter.

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