The most beautiful watches for him under 300 euros

Still no gift for your friend? When perplexity becomes noticeable and the holidays are rapidly approaching – do not panic. Of course you would like to make your loved one the perfect Christmas present, but sometimes you can also be a part of it. Meanwhile, there are a few gift tips that will suit any man, no matter what age. Gifts, which can be used, which are timeless and on which the partner has a long time a joy, are generally recommended. What is that? How about a watch . Men wear hardly any accessories, not to mention jewelry. In addition to a leather strap or a belt , a typical men look looks rather simple. Men’s watches, however, are an accessory that is classic, yet the trend is that every type of man likes a watch.

Men’s watches are generally not a bargain. Finally, one has some requirements on the accessory that adorns the wrist and displays the watch. A bracelet of stainless steel or leather is recommended, because it is high quality and holds long. Of course, the dial should also fit into the style of the man – Roman numerals appear elegant, while a minimalist dial is pure and modern. Men’s watches are available in countless styles and especially price classes. So that air remains upwards and you can make a pleasure for the dearest, which remains affordable, here come our top clock models under 300 euros.

The Classic Collection

The label Kapten & Son is aimed at “adventurers, mountain climbers and world-famous surfers,” as they say. Accordingly, the collections are casual, relaxed and timeless. The Classic Collection is particularly convincing with models in the shades of white, black and brown with puristic dial and leather strap. The men’s watches are suitable for every occasion, so they are just as suitable for adventurers as for world travelers. But also the chic dinner outfit harmonizes perfectly with the simple men’s watch. Watch models from Kapten & Son cost around 149 euros.

Timeless, minimalist design

Daniel Wellington quickly became one of the most popular brands of watches for him and her. The design is based on the early models of Omega , the dial is simple, gold- or silver-colored details are the icing on the cake of the men’s watches. Daniel Wellington creates very filigree men’s watches that are ultra-flat and whose bracelets are interchangeable. So you have already prepared for the next festivities, because you can always give your friend a new watch band.

Stainless steel watches by Larsson & Jenning

If you already know the two previous watch brands, you will be pleased with this tip: Larsson & Jenning is a label from England that makes her watchmaking models made in Switzerland. Classic design and robust materials are especially important to Larsson & Jenning, which is why we place great emphasis on the “Lugano” collection. With 310 euros this men’s watch is slightly above the budget, but we find it worth it! A silver colored bracelet of polished stainless steel and sapphire crystal round off the minimalistic design. The same model is also available in gold colors. A bit more playful are the models “Saxon”, which come with a leather bracelet and gold-colored details around the dial.

Design your own watch

The concept of Paul Hewitt is that you can customize your own watch model yourself. For 169 euros can be selected model, case color, dial and watch strap. Especially the watch straps from Paul Hewitt are special, there is finally a wide selection of cloth straps in the maritime look, which can be striped in blue-red or blue-white. In addition to the function of self-design, Paul Hewitt also offers collections that can be bought “ready”. From minimalist watches with stainless steel bracelet, there are also models of colorful colored leather or patterned fabric. Here the prices are between 139 euros and 179 euros.

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