These accessories are perfect for autumn

Slowly but surely we must say goodbye to the summer and enjoy the last warm summer rays extensively in the park with an ice in the hand. Because it will be autumn! The days are getting shorter and temperatures are falling. But autumn is not so bad. The colorful season also has its good sides. The leaves fall from the trees and long walks in the forest are for me pure relaxation! And as one says so beautifully: There is no bad weather, but only bad clothes. And yes, there really is something true. If it gets colder outside, then cuddly autumn accessories can be used to sweeten the cold days and warm us. But of course the fashion factor must not be forgotten. We show you the accessories for the autumn which all fashionistas want to have!

The Slingbacks of Chanel

It is hard to believe that this trend is actually there again: the Slingpumps. But not any! The two-stone Slingbacks of Chanel have to be able to keep up with the fashion size. These pumps were once known as absolute grandma shoes and now all model owners want to own them. But be careful: these shoes please do not dress to dress and blazer, which looks extremely pithy. Instead, create a casual style break with jeans and leather jacket.

The box bag by Louis Vuitton

The label Louis Vuitton has bagged a bag with a box bag. This little bag is currently the absolute racer among Fashionista. It is small, but nevertheless everything can be stowed away, which woman so needs. The brightly colored colors really spice up every autumn outfit and defy the gray weather – which is imminent. Style tip: The box bag is worn crossbody and with a long strap.

Long gloves

When it gets cold, we need it very clearly: gloves. But please do not boring knitted by Omi, which may still scratch. If you’re a modem girl, you’ll be wearing long gloves this fall. These are styled very feminine to three-sleeve sleeves and coats. A great, classic look that looks as elegant as stylish. Trend color this fall is, by the way, Bordeaux red, so if you would like to be at the top of the trend, who knows what to do now!

Iphone Case

In the autumn, the smartphone will also be packed and styled. So what is better than a cool new iPhone case? Trendy, everything is allowed, what has to do with quilting. The rhombus pattern is no longer only found on the classic quilts, but now also graces casual cases for our smartphones. Particularly elegant, a delicate powder or beige tone!

Statement Earrings

A bit of Bling-Bling and glitter may of course not be missing in autumn. That is why the fashion circles are currently very high in their statement-earrings. For those who do not like fashionistas in terms of trends, their statement earrings are casual to jeans and shoulder-free Carmen blouse or Oversize shirt. A little glamor for the golden autumn so to speak. Perfect!

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