Vestiaire Collective x Streetwear

When it comes to checking the authenticity of streetwear, Vestiaire Collective’s team of in-house experts follow stringent physical checks. Each brand has its own codes (colour, typography, material) and by checking these key details, we’re able to detect whether an item is real or fake.

Discover how Vestiaire Collective authenticates luxury and designer sneakers:

A counterfeiter will almost certainly make a mistake, so authentication must be done methodically to ensure it’s detected.

To review a pair of sneakers, it is important to check all the elements that accompany the pair.

The packaging:

Look closely at the shape, material, colour, typography and label information.

The dustbag:

Not to be overlooked, it’s important to check the material, the colour and typography on the dustbag.

The model:

Check if the model exists (general appearance, materials and colours). Another key indicator can be the weight – an easy check that can be done is to weigh them. If they’re too light, it this should alert you.

Next, look at the finishes (cleanliness of the cuts and topstitching, absence of excess glue).

As with the packaging and dustbag, it’s important that the typography corresponds to that of the label; be sure to check the outer sole, inner sole and tongue.

If there are removable parts such as laces and tags, be sure to check those carefully to, looking out for any irregularities in the look and feel.

The invoice:

Be careful, fake invoices exist!

It is important to inspect the conformity of the information on the invoice; look at the date and location of purchase and price.

If the invoice is not present, you must rely on the origin of the item and trust platforms, such as Vestiaire Collective, which physically assess it.





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