Wardrobe mended correctly: The KonMari method

Your preparations for the fashion go on high tours and you already have some autumnal garments in sight or even already managed? Before you put your new favorite pieces in your wardrobe and just pack away your summer dresses, it is also worth a seasonal mothballing and clearing. Sounds a little exciting, but rather tiring and annoying. But in the course of each season, some parts are gathering, which may not please you or are already too old. There are many reasons for this: maybe your taste or style has changed? A wardrobe should never be too crowded, otherwise one loses the overview, actual favorite parts go under chaos and the typical situation occurs in the morning in front of the mirror: one has the feeling to have nothing to put on.

Marie Kondo has created a regular hype with her bestseller “Magic Cleaning:” How Correct Cleaning Your Life Has Changed “What exactly is behind her own developed KonMari-Aufräummethode and how it can help you get closer to your style, we explain in the today’s article.

The first step in sorting out

Marie Kondo recommends mucking out by category, not by room. All pieces of a particular category, such as clothing, books, cosmetics or kitchen utensils, are to be collected together and gathered together on the ground. She recommends the start of clearing with clothes. So first, take all the jeans out of your closet and distribute them on the floor. When you are done with the sorting out, it goes to the next category, such as handbags, tops, shoes etc. Here is: do not cheat! It is important that you really take everything out of the wardrobe, otherwise you do not deal intensively enough with every single piece. It is too easy to decide that the pants that still hang on the strap in the closet will also remain the stock of your wardrobe. With the KonMari method it is explicitly that you deal intensively with every single piece. The principle can be applied to the whole apartment. She recommends to start with the clothes, then continue to books, cosmetics, and memorabilia, etc.

The basic rule when mucking out: Does it make you happy?

Marie Kondo has been passionate about organizing and cleaning up since her childhood. Over the years, she has developed a simple rule based on her personal experiences, according to which it should be decided whether things should be kept or sorted out. Each piece of clothing should be taken individually. Here you should ask yourself the question: “Does this piece of clothing make me happy?” There must be only pieces of clothing that enrich your life and which you can say with certainty that you are carrying them with joy.

It may sound silly at first, but when we clean up, we often get in the way. We find rational reasons why we can not throw things away. They were too expensive, a gift. Maybe the dress reminds you of a particularly nice holiday or the ex? Marie Kondo encouraged to listen to the gut feeling. Everything that does not trigger joy, but an indifferent or negative stomach feeling in you, is sorted out. For why should we surround ourselves with things that do not delight us? A very nice approach as we find. According to Mrs. Kondo, we should be rigorous in sorting out and, in the case of doubt, we should rather separate ourselves from something.

Each item must have its place

According to Marie Kondo, it is essential for a permanently organized and tidy home that every object has a home. You never find your keys or are you always looking for your favorite jeans? This may be due to the fact that after some use, you are lying somewhere else. And that is precisely the cause of every chaos. After you have gone through all your possessions and sorted out what you are not happy with, it is about finding a place for each piece.

Your tips on storage

Marie Kondo recommends the use of small shoe boxes for each category of your garments. It explicitly advises you to purchase expensive storage boxes. Shoeboxes fulfill their purpose and nowadays often look very smart. It also particularly recommends the packaging of Apple products because the cartons have the best measures for storing clothes. You can also stick your shoeboxes with gift paper or paint in your favorite color.

According to the KonMari method, almost everything is folded. Vertical as rectangle. Marie Kondo advises against the stacking of jeans, sweaters or shirts, as the overview is quickly lost. Instead, the folded-to-be-folded objects are sorted into cartons or chests of drawers by categories. Yes, even socks and underwear are folded and packed into separate cartons! On blouses only blouses, skirts or dresses come. According to KonMari, the folding of clothing acts meditatively and transmits a positive energy to our clothes. We say: She is right! By devoting herself to each piece of clothing individually, folding and arranging it gently, the entire wardrobe feels as much “loving”.

Our conclusion

“Cleaning up is just a tool, not the actual goal. The real goal is to set up the lifestyle you want when your home is done. “- Marie Kondo

Destroying your home means at the same time that you are inevitably dealing with your past and decides which parts have no more space in your current life. Mucking and listening to your own abdominal feeling will train your decision-making ability and intuition. By mucking up your wardrobe to KonMari, you will quickly notice what kind of clothes you are most likely to enjoy, and you will get a better feel for your own style and learn what kind of clothes you should rather avoid the next shopping trip. It is finally the goal of every fashionista to have a wardrobe filled with things that will make you happy!

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