Laura Brodda: A new post makes me happy

Name: Laura Brodda Occupation: Social Media Manager Age: 28 Location: Mainz Blog: allthatchoices Facebook: allthatchoicesbylaura Pinterest: allthatchoices

With Laura Brodda talking about vintage and her passion for fashion

All beginnings are difficult. Was it your blogger as well? What was the most difficult as a blogger to succeed?

I think the most difficult is to find his own style. This has changed with me again and again. This applies not only to the styling, but also to the focus on a specific topic, as well as the image processing.

Is blogging your main profession or your greatest passion? How is your working day?

The blogging has become my side job. The pictures I usually shoot at the weekend with a friend or my friend, the texts I write after the evening at home. This is, of course, a deep cut into the leisure time you need to meet with friends, or to do something. A perfect way to combine everything I have not yet found.

What motivates you even in stressful times?

Posting a new post always makes me happy and the comments are my reward. It’s fun when others find your work great. This is really the greatest motivation to continue, even if it is sometimes super stressful.

You live in Mainz. Where can you find the best second-hand treasures in your city?

Since I have actually become more of an onlineshopper, since the time just does not allow me to walk around the city often, I know only a second hand shop in Mainz. This is in the Neutorstraße and has always a few cool parts and in any case authentic coworkers with a cool vintage style.

How far has your style changed in the past 5 years? Your Modestil in 3 words. Does vintage fit in this series?

I think he’s always changing. However, the love of gray, black and white has settled. I have only very few colorful parts. Patterns (except Karos and stripes) can only seldom convince me, but I am working on it;) 3 words? wearable – casual – einteilmussimmerbesonderssein;) In the vintage area I am particularly interested in very expensive design parts. Here you can really make great bargains. So, yes, if the right thing is, then Vintage certainly fits.

What does vintage mean to you? What do you appreciate?

Vintage I find personally a great thing, since one can give a well-preserved clothes a second life. A look from current Trendpieces gets a completely different touch with a vintage part and that makes the theme so exciting.

Your personal it-bag is which? How many handbags do you have?

I’m actually not so the super bag freak. For everyday life I like a spacious high-quality bag, in which a lot of purepasst and which also fits to many looks. I do not have a designer bag because I simply do not have the money. In the future it would certainly be a consideration, although I still do not know which I would choose. Céline and Chloé are my favorites, although I can hardly see the Drew Bag any more.

What do you want to radiate with your clothes?

That is hard to say. Since I only wear what I like and in what I feel well, it is certainly satisfaction with myself. A look at me – OUTFIT is not my thing and in Mainz, one is already looking for significantly duller looks on the road ;)

How often do you feel your wardrobe?

All the time! My wardrobe is really in a permanent change. Since I have an open wardrobe, I fall daily into the hand, which I have not worn forever. They are given a period of one month. I do not have them until then once worn, I sort them out.

What are you going to try this season?

Since I wear little patterns, I dare this season to the romantic flowerprints. I’m curious how the look stands and if I really will wear it;)

What designer is your favorite fashion soul?

Chloé and Céline I find really wonderful! From Elli Saab I would buy an evening dress, at Acne a knit sweater and from Aquazzura some great shoes.

What was the most beautiful moment of the past time as a blogger?

I do not believe the most beautiful moment. I am most happy about the feedback from my readers and followers. This shows me that someone is actually dealing with what I am doing. It is particularly great if you meet the people by chance in the city.

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