The 5 most beautiful interior trends for 2016

At the beginning of each year, there is always the question of the trends that will accompany us through the new year. In addition to modetrends, the interior trends are of the same interest to us – our home can not be neglected with all love for fashion and is an important (retreat) place for most of us. Just as the last year has ended, 2016 will start with the term sustainability. Therefore, it is no wonder that this theme is also reflected in the interior design. Vintage is a very big theme in the interior design. We present the five most beautiful interior trends for 2016.

Pastel colors

It is the trend colors of the season chosen by Pantone: delicate rose and mint tones will not only be present in fashion: furniture, textiles and decoration will be discovered in pastel ice-cream tones. The delicate tones conjure the Scandinavian flair into our home and spread warmth. Sofas, chairs and vintage armchairs can easily be covered with fabrics of these colors. In no time you have created a "new", old favorite piece. Crockery and wallpaper with mint or pink floral ornamentation create the perfect vintage look for a feminine and modern home.

Metal tones: gold, copper and silver

This year is also being played with metal color and materials. How appropriate – because gold and silver are simply the perfect complement to pastel colors. Cuddly blankets with golden ornaments, silver or copper candlesticks bring warmth and comfort to the private realm. Many vintage interior pieces are often available in gold and silver. High time to plan a flea market visit.

The living room as a technology-free zone

Most of the apartments are filled with technical equipment, and this will probably not change in 2016 either. This is the tip for all stressed workaholics. The trend in the new year is coming back to rest – that is, many are adopting a technology-free zone. All without a TV, radio or iPads can be relaxed without distraction. In particular, the living room or bedroom should instead be a place of silence where one can meet in the evenings and socialize without a technical distraction. To tell each other from the day, unpack company games or sink into a book again – what is more beautiful than these moments?

The 70s are back

The year 2015 was dominated by the 1970s, and this trend is continuing in the interior design in the new year – the trend is almost in line with vintage interior design! Ornate chests of drawers, bright colors, regional wood and floral ornaments bring the past time back home. So that the whole thing does not look too nostalgic, vintage pieces should be integrated with the modern decor. For the beginning, an original vintage bedside lamp, sweet patchwork blankets or a velvety chair is suitable. Special statement deco elements of the seventies in combination with the restrained Scandinavian style we find especially great!

Oriental: exotic flower patterns and bright colors

Crappy wallpapers and furniture, floral patterns on the walls, patterned pillowcases and many exotic plants – Welcome to the jungle! This interior trend literally transforms the home into a holiday destination and invites you to relax from the hectic everyday life. A playful, red sofa with pink-colored cushions and a full-bodied palm – YES! For those who have enough of wintery gray tones, this trend is just right.

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