5 things you should consider when buying vintage furniture

The reason why everyone is so obsessed with vintage clothing is the same, which is why used furniture is booming. They tell stories, put us in another time and make our home unique. Always only buy new is boring! It is just the traces of use and the patina that make up the charm of vintage pieces of furniture. In addition, these are mostly the original classics, which are now often copied by other brands only. For example, an original Eames chair, Vintage is the most beautiful. What five things to consider when buying vintage furniture, we tell you in today’s article.

1. Do not buy wild

With vintage pieces it is a bit like in the case of the sale: In the shop, you get excited with enthusiasm in the face of the great Schnäppchen, which stands in front of you. Advance purchases, however, often result in disappointments. Often merchants try to put their customers under pressure – but do not let them lead you to rash purchases! Reserve the piece first. Sleep a night or sit down for a few minutes at a quiet place and wonder whether the great vintage piece of furniture actually fits into your home. Answer questions like: Does the color harmonize with your remaining set? Do you really need the piece or will it just stand in the flat? Furniture is, finally, objects of use and if the functionality is not given, purchase should rather be discouraged.

2. Be courageous but do not randomly mix

In general, vintage pieces of furniture bring something interesting to your home and create a cool style break to a more modern facility. To make the apartment harmonious despite the mix of new and old, make sure that the furniture is similar to a feature, color or material. The Biedermeierkommode, once classified as a bourgeoisie, is once again totally in the process of coming and fits as well as in every interior. The perfect entry-level model, so to speak, for your first vintage purchase.

3. Look for signs of use

Even if you are not an expert in checking the authenticity of vintage furniture, a few minor tricks can help avoid big problems. Because an original vintage designer piece can be expensive, since it would be a shame if you get a duplicate. Look at the backs, locks and fittings of the furniture. If they work too new or do not fit the rest, they have mostly been supplemented – that means you can continue the price down! The basic principle is that vintage furniture should have old-fashioned usage traces. If a piece is too smooth and clean, mistrust is announced.

4. Proper investment

If the vintage piece of furniture is to be an asset, as with other plants, it is also necessary to invest in an anti-cyclical manner: that is, to place pieces that are not so much sought after. In general, Biedermeier furniture are mostly of high quality and always come back into fashion. The Baroque is also a timeless period, which will be popular again and again and, above all, a revived, Scandinavian interior gives more individuality.

5. Vintage Shopping: Online or on-site?

Vintage furniture is available either online or in the antique shop and flea markets. Even in house resolutions lurk true vintage treasures to be found. Online, you can get great bargains, but of course there is the disadvantage that the color and the condition of the piece of furniture can not be exactly checked. Ebay classified ads can be a great find pit and has the advantage that you there vendors in your proximity can find and the piece of furniture thus before the purchase can examine. Otherwise there are like Catchy’s great platforms for rummaging. Nevertheless, it is especially fun to discover great little vintage shops and flea markets in the area. Therefore, keep your eyes open!

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