It is worth investing in these pieces of furniture

Whether Bauhaus, Baroque, or Art Deco, furniture classics are becoming more and more popular in our generation. The designs are timeless and as a result they are almost never out of trend. Even after several years, the furniture is still modern. For example, the Eames Chair has been an absolute must for interior decorators for more than 60 years. Furniture classics simply have the certain something. Anyone who has ever tasted the taste will not get away from it so quickly. Unfortunately the collection of furniture classics is quite costly, because the creative designs have their price and it is not very small. If you want to spoil your own four walls with a little furniture luxury, you should definitely look out for second hand furniture classics at Catchys. It is worth it! And to make sure you know what's happening, we show you today some great pieces of furniture, worth investing in!

The LCW chair by Eames

LCW stands for Lounge Chairwood and was created by the famous designer pair Charles and Ray Eames. Since 1945, the armchair has already been bought and over the years it has become more and more popular. Charles and Ray Eames, it was important to develop inexpensive and up-to-date furniture, taking into account the general scarcity of raw materials. The result: furniture made of laminated wood. The flexible natural material fulfills the comfort that a piece of furniture has to offer. This is made possible by the body-fitted shape of the LCW chair. The Eames armchair combines timelessness, purist design, elegance and style, making it a piece of furniture worth 100% investment!

The Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi

Asians are not only involved in the development of technical utensils, but the results of the creations are not to be ignored even in interior designs. In 1952, the Japanese designer Sori Yanagi designed a stool that was modeled on the butterfly and therefore also named the 'Butterfly'. He combined the traditional form from Japan with the then modern technique of the plywood process. With success! The filigree stool is a real classic and evaluates every room. This makes the interior heart really beat faster!

The Tulip table of Eero Saarinen

The designer Eero Saarinen became famous in the 1950s by the creation of his Tulip Chair: the first chair in furniture history with only one leg. The name '' Tulip''entstand, as the chair reminded the form of a tulip. The curved foot as well as the material mix of aluminum and laminate were exceptional for the time and resembled an innovation in the interior business. The same is true for its futuristic tulip table. The designer wanted to reduce the intersection of the table legs with the simple design. The table is formally reserved and at the same time very aesthetic. The design looks so modern, timeless, elegant and light that I would put the table right into the living room.

There are so many wonderful pieces of furniture in which it is worth investing that I would have to bust the framework here with my interior shopping list. So check out Catchys and discover great furniture classics, who will soon find their place at home!

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