ClosetWatch: Janine Dudenhöfer of Mamastyle shows us her wardrobe

Janine Dudenhöffer, editor, stylist and author of Mama Styleguide Berlin

The editor Janine Dudenhöffer about fashion and mother

We look around: high ceilings, a dark wooden floor and little decoration. A minimalistic designer lamp hangs from the ceiling, a large framed picture is simply but effectively leaned against the wall. In the apartment of Janine Dudenhöffer, clear lines predominate. At least, most of the time. On the carpet in the living room sits Janine’s son Friedrich Philo (2) and throws his building blocks through the room. Not only children’s shoes and toys ensure that the warmth and cosiness of our house in Janine’s home immediately match, but also the smile and the friendly brown eyes of the housekeeper. “Tea or coffee?” She calls out of the kitchen. We choose tea and chat with Janine about career and family.

The 35-year-old works as a freelance editor and stylist for magazines such as the Berlin Fashion Week magazine or blogzine What makes her so fun at work? “To experiment with fashion, to be creative and productive with people, to implement ideas together and spontaneously.”

The studied textile manager in the Palatinate grew up, but early on she moved into the distance. USA, Asia or Near East are just a few of their many travel destinations. Janine sucks up her environment with all the impressions, pictures and sounds and unites them in her works. This creates beautiful editorials and articles that take readers to unexpected locations and show them places they have never seen in this context. The advantages of independence? “Everything – no elbow gesture, no colleague’s gossip, no noisy Großraumbüro, no time-intensive discussions. Just make it! “Says Janine. Simpel, clear and to the point is the credo, which corresponds not only to their work setting, but also to their style.

Since Janine became a mother, however, her working time has shifted. From 16 o’clock the day belongs to her son and only when he is sleeping in the evening the daily experiences again on inserted. Children are only one of the themes on the lifestyle page that provides new articles on fashion, lifestyle, travel or food every day. Together with other young mothers, Janine shows that you can also keep a relaxed attitude with your baby and continue to dedicate to your favorite subjects. Her small family is Janine’s retreat, where she charges her batteries to carry out her numerous activities with enthusiasm and dedication. For common “Gruffelo” reading in her mummy uniform, which consists of hair, shirt, jeans and slippers, Janine lets all other activities rest for a moment. To master the child and the career at the same time, without losing a part, is undoubtedly a balancing act. Janine likes him, because neither she would want to forgo time with Philo, nor for success moments in the job. Janine can hardly speak of “double strain”, but her two happinessmakers are the secret of her success.

Janines Top-3 favorite websites for mothers:

• Mummy Mag • Smallable • Lieferando

What are your sources of inspiration?

Travel, everyday life and the world wide web

Are the stereotypes about modern actions (high-heels, stylish a la devil wearing Prada)?

Not where I’ve worked …

The biggest challenge in styling is …

To put his personal preferences behind those of the customers.

Clean or pompous?

God, clean!

Is there a general purpose weapon for every styling job?


The oldest piece of clothing / accessory you own?

A gold arrow clutch from my mum because she gave away everything else.

Your vintage secret …

How do you think that? Something like “Everything comes back”? Is not no secret …

You pack your suitcase …

Not that often anymore.

Philo has contributed to you …

How to bend without kneeling.

As a mummy you admire …

Single mothers like Ulla Killing or Verena Schulmann , the child (er) and job almost without help under a hat.

In your purse you always have …

Here you surely want to read something like “Passfoto von Philo” – haha. Of this I gave the remaining from the first batch the grandma and Uromas for the wallet. For me are always a USB stick and ‘ne car sharing card in it.

Since your child is there you meet your friends …

During the day.

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