Furniture Classics: The Eames Chair

I love interior design – its own four walls cozy and stylish to set up – for me there is nothing more beautiful. I collect inspirations from anywhere, whether on blogs, magazines or books. A very special style of our time is the Eames Chair. There is hardly a chair that you see so often as the organic shaped seat shell with the wooden legs of Charles and Ray Eames. Of course, such a furniture classic can not be missing. What I especially like about the chair: The Eames Chair works in the dining room, in the kitchen or as with me – as an office chair.

The history

The architect Charles Eames married the artist Ray Kaiser in 1941. The two of them had met each other at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1940. They complemented each other and together they showed the professional world what they meant by modern interior design. Their creations have shaped the guiding values ​​of Vitra. The Swiss company has been distributing the various models of the Eames Chairs in Europe since 1957.

The Eames Chair is easily formed and yet very robust. The couple Eames created the chair under the name ” Plastic Chair Group ”. A special feature of the chair is the one-piece seat shell that Charles Eames had developed for several years. Ultimately, he chose fiberglass reinforced polyester resin as the perfect material for the design. The Eames Chair was presented in 1948, and the Eames Plastic Side Chair and the Eames Plastic Armchair were launched a few months later.

To avoid losing sight of the overview – here is a small chair excursion: There are two models of the classic, an A-shell with armrests (Eames Plastic Armchair) and an S-shell without armrests (Eames Plastic Sidechair). The designers Charles and Ray Eames created different four-leg bases, made of wood and steel. Also numerous padding variants can be combined to the organically shaped shells.

The price

You can get the Eames Chair directly at Vitra or in numerous onlineshops. However, such a chair classic is really not a bargain and with a new ” original ” Eames Chair one must count with 300-400 euro. Whether one is worth this interior luxury, everyone must decide for themselves. If you do not want to spend so much money and like to buy secondhand, then you should definitely look at Catchys!

The classic

Finally, the question remains exactly what justifies this high price for a chair? Why is the Eames Chair, despite its high age, still so much sought after? After all, the chair has been more than 60 years old since the market launch. The secret of success lies in the minimalistic design that the Eames couple have designed with great love. The chair makes every home look modern and classic at the same time. A further plus: the Eames Chair can be perfectly combined with other designs. So it is a true interior miracle!

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