Ikea meets Eames: How to upgrade your apartment with design classics

The autumn has now arrived with us, and the winter will come sometime. For me, these are the two most beautiful seasons, because you can cuddle on the couch without a bad conscience at home and comfortably sought his favorite series. And cozy here is the keyword. What is the secret behind the comfort in your own four walls? Does it have to be the well-known Ikea furniture? Is there anything else – outside of Malm or Hemnes? Definitely! To finally solve the mystery: the mix is ​​what it really is! We show you today a few cool design classics with which you upgrade your apartment à la Ikea meets Eames.

Tip 1: What we like

In order to conjure a cozy atmosphere into the home during the dark season, you need a few accessories, which may also be a bit extravagant and striking. Past the colorful checkered decorative pillows and the typical rectangular glass vases. Something style must come from! And in the autumn fresh flowers can not be missed. Get the nature into your home. Particularly elegant are fresh branches or sea grass with a futuristic vase like the beautiful creations of the Japanese label Asahiyaki. The porcelain designs are all handmade and an absolute piece of jewelery on your couch table.

Tip 2: What warms us

It gets darker outside. So it is very urgent to invest in a new luminaire. If you like eye-catching designs, the Label Maison Jansen from France is the right choice. The creations are unique, creative and true classics. If you are familiar with luxurious interior, this is not around Maison Jansen around. The only drawback: the uniqueness has its price and the design pieces are very expensive. So if you do not want to spend a small fortune on a new lamp, you should definitely look at Catchys. Beautiful design classics by Maison Jansen with vintage flair are guaranteed!

Tip 3: What gives us comfort

What is the "Ikea meets Eames" motto? Sure, a real and original Eames chair. What you can do with the grandiose chair, you can read here again. What is certain is that an Eames chair is one of the design classics. So simple, modern and at the same time super comfortable. And the great thing is that an Eames chair is doing well in the apartment.

Tip 4: What we want

You can have dreams. It is especially beautiful when they then also meet. I still have some interior dreams that I will gradually realize. At the top of the list is a shelf of Nisse Strinning. Better known as a string shelf. I love Scandinavian design – so pure and minimalistic. Just wonderful! String shelves are available in countless colors and sizes, as there should be something for everyone.

With all the design classics and decoration tips one thing should not be forgotten: Give your four walls life and fill them with design pieces and other pieces of furniture that have a meaning for you and tell a story. Nothing is worse than a dead-decorated apartment that does not radiate any harmony or comfort!

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