The most beautiful home accessories for the winter

Especially in the winter time we spend a lot of time in our own home. Activities are moved to the inside, watching games, watching Christmas films and baking cookies – what is more beautiful? Relaxation of this kind is also good for the soul, because the stressful everyday life and all the to-do lists challenge us all year round enough. When the year draws to a close, the body often goes downhill and longs for rest and time together with the loved ones. Where is it better than in one’s own four walls, where one feels most comfortable? To make our homey atmosphere even more intense and adapt to the atmosphere of the winter season, we lovingly decorate our apartment to match the Advent season. Some of them know it from their parents’ house, when the mother has unpacked the winter decoration for the first advent and spread the comfort of the Christmas feeling at home with candles, candles, lights and tannins. With a few hand movements, the interior can be transformed quickly and with great effect in winter. We show you how!

Different light sources are the essentials of winter decoration

A small tip with great effect: light. Since in the cool season the natural daylight sometimes turns cloudy and you feel that sometimes it does not want to get really bright, we love the use of different light sources in the rooms. These include floor lamps, table lamps, tea lights and candles. For the winter decoration we especially prefer a light source: light chains. The small light bulbs immediately sparkle a homely feeling, warm light accentuates certain areas in the apartment. How about, for example, to run string lights around the window to wrap the bed frame or to place it as indirect light under the desk or kitchenette? The effect will immediately spread Christmas spirit and comfort. With several light sources in one room, areas can be emphasized and so-called residential islands can be created. In order to make it particularly comfortable in the home, we recommend to spread warmth with candle light as a winter decoration and other smaller light sources.

Soft winter materials

Cuddling and relaxing are inviting gentle materials in natural tones. For the winter decoration, it is therefore absolutely necessary to cover blankets, many cushions and living accessories. This feeling of well-being can already be achieved by the use of flannel bedding, the bedspread can be replaced in the winter by a cozy blanket and chosen for the cushions on the couch covers of velvet, fake fur or cashmere. This winter decoration invites you to linger and provides a fresh wind in the interior. In spring, the covers can then be replaced again, providing a quick and easy look for a whole new look of the room. Another winter decoration favorite: lamb fur. There are now almost everything from the soft material of the sheep: pillow covers, slippers, carpets … The latter can be super laid over armchairs or chairs and provides a warming and soft underlay during hours of long talking or reading. Even the classic, the lambskin carpet, is the perfect winter decoration.

Kitsch is chic: Winter decoration Christmas tree balls

Some love them, the others feel them as a (beautiful) kitsch and again others indulge in childhood memories: Christmas tree balls. The colorful, iridescent balls simply belong to the winter decoration, as for Christmas the Christmas tree. If you do not want to wait until Christmas to hang the Christmas balls, this can also be integrated into the winter decoration. For example, light chains can be optimally decorated with Christmas tree balls, the balls can also be attached to curtain rods, plants or lamps and ensure the perfect winter decoration effect.

Tannenzweige and orange slices sprinkle Christmas vents

To the winterdekoration and the Christmas feeling belong of course also Christmasdüfte. In order to give a touch of Christmas into the apartment, there are countless scented candles with fragrances ranging from cinnamon to baked apple. It goes however also naturally: To Christmas decoration also belong of course tannenzweige. A Tannenzweig can be transformed with a cinnamon stick and a dried orange to the fragrant and beautiful table decoration. The orange slices spread their fragrance by slicing an orange and drying it on the heating. The natural winter decoration is already finished and the Advent season can be enjoyed to the full in the comfortably decorated home.

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