p> They are pompous, unique, and their vision is as charming as their celebrated wearers themselves. No wonder that it is the princess’ dream of every one to wear one of these vintage wedding dresses or even to walk in front of the altar. Because Coco Chanel already knew: “Fashion is ephemeral, style never” and it is precisely this style from long ago that makes these vintage wedding dresses so memorable.

The Dream Dress by Elizabeth Taylor (1950)

In cream satin and a breathtaking waist, Liz Taylor was delighted at her first wedding with hotelier Conrad Nicki Hilton. Her refined robe with lace toplet, which skilfully set her shoulders, is still today one of the most beautiful wedding dresses of all time and was even auctioned in 2001 for the incredible sum of 150,000 euros in London. The opulent dress with the long and elegant sleeves was a creation of the Oscar-crowned Modedesigner Helen rose and claimed at the time 15 people for three months for the production claim. But unfortunately the dream robe did not give the Hollywood star the desired dream. The common marriage happiness did not even last a year.

Like a princess: The Wedding Dress by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1953)

The dress of the former First Lady is considered one of the most iconic wedding dresses ever. In a dreamlike princess robe by Anne Lowe, 24-year-old Jacky Kennedy married US President John F. Kennedy. 46 meters of ivory-colored silk juice were processed by the first African-American high-fashion designer. In today’s off-shoulder look and with delicate lace details, the fashion-conscious Jacky Kennedy looked simply stunning in her Empire dress. She lent the right veil from her grandmother.

The unforgettable style of Audrey Hepburn (1954)

So untypical is her dress compared to the previous ones, so typical of the style icon itself. On her first wedding with Mel Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn wore a fantastic white Fifties dress in the world-famous Petticoat style by Pierre Balmain. All Audrey-like charmed her with the yes word with elegant restraint. Her knee-length dress with a small stand-up collar, narrow waist belt and sweet puffed sleeves is one of the most legendary of the last century. Perfectly finished was their graceful overall picture with white gloves and floral wreath in the hair. But this marriage also did not do justice to her charming dress and was divorced again in 1968.

Fashion model: Grace Kelly’s fairy dress (1956)

The wedding of the American actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco is considered the wedding of the century and the Hollywood fairy tale par excellence. And her high-end wedding dress in top-notch by Helen Rose was a true fairy tale. The designer let 36 seamstresses work for three weeks until the multi-part wedding dress was finished. Against all expectations Grace Kelly decided against a diadem, instead she wore a veil with Juliet Cap as she walked to the altar. Ever since, Grace’s dress has been copied by Bridal designers around the world, serving as the model for vintage wedding dresses. So also for Kate Middelton’s long-sleeved wedding dress. In the style of Grace Kelly, she gave the yes-word in a creation of Alexander McQueen with Sarah Burton as chief designer, Prince William 2011.

Your vintage wedding dress

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky six-pence in your shoe.” This English wedding use is well-known to all and has now also been naturalized here in the country. But who actually said that the “new” must always be the wedding dress? Just vintage wedding dresses live a special charm and tell a very own story. Stories that are as unique and incomparable as their bearers themselves. Perhaps you also want to have the most beautiful day in your life in a vintage wedding dress trust? Then maybe you find the dream dress that makes you a real princess …

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