Shonamac - the first second hand online shop in the UK

Little did Shona McLeod know that selling clothes on ebay back in 2002 would turn into her very own second hand online shop. “Need is the mother of invention” does apply to Shonamac business’ success: when moving away from the city, she wanted to get rid of her unwanted city wardrobe filled with high end designer pieces such as Max Mara & co. Once put online on ebay, she quickly realized there was barely any market for second hand clothing. As a result, she took the chance to close the gap to establish a second hand online shop offering only high end pieces. Her business was born. 

What makes her stand out from other second hand shops is her many years of experience, every item is checked thoroughly by her herself and her well-trained staff. Customers can be sure to find only authentic high end items that are in a very good condition. In addition to that her return policy is straightforward: if an item is not suitable, it can be sent back within 30 days for a refund. 

Shonamac is also a great platform for selling unwanted clothes as the process is fast and easy. You can either send your items directly to Shonamac or bring them personally to her store in Wandsworth. The entire selling process is covered by her. If you live in London and have over 30 items for sale, you can ask for a courier to pick the items up. Shonamac accepts all well-known designers but also some sought-after high streets items. If you are unsure about selling items just email her.

Shona McLeod also loves to buy second-hand herself and has found some great bargains, for example an Hermès Birkin bag or a Lanvin dress for less than half of the retail price. 

Even though Shona’s initial intention was not sustainability, she takes sustainability very seriously and is happy to give a positive impact with her second hand online boutique. Customers can easily by-pass fast-fashion by buying second hand pieces from her store.

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