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They are probably a fashionista and every fashion-conscious man a term: the death’s Gommino . This is exactly what this shoe model with the 133 rubber boots on the shoe sole from the late 70s. Once hidden in the back of your shoe cabinet, the trendy Loafer celebrated their comeback again. High time to get them out again and style them to your favorite outfits.

You’ve always wondered how it came to the design of this shoe? Diego della Valle once sought inspiration among the drivers in the 1950s. Their racing shoes were the basis of his design. Due to his good contacts with international stars and starlets, the designer soon managed to catch up with them. He gave some Gommino Mokkassins to the great stars of the time, who were always on their journeys around the world, including names such as Lady Diana, Hilary Clinton, Caroline of Monaco, and Jack Nicholson. Soon the deaths of Gomminos were everywhere. And even today the comfortable leather shoes are worn by celebrities around the world. As if that were not enough, the Gommino has for some time now also a website of its own. Just like pace for the handkerchief – so the Gommino stands for the moccasin.

You’ve been looking for a death’s Gommino for some time? Then you are exactly right with us. In our Shoe Guide you will learn everything you should know before buying your new dream shoe. We also show you what different models are currently available.

This is how Tod’s Gommino is born

The tradition mark of Tod’s is one of the few manufactories of today, which still cultivate traditional craftsmanship. According to their own specifications of the luxury label, it takes up to 100 individual steps to produce a single Gommino. 35 leather parts are processed by hand. By the way, the trend is due to the nubbed sole.

But now for the production in detail:

At the beginning a sketch of the new Gommino is made. The shoemaker then takes care of the sole. He uses a chisel to punch holes in them and in a further step add the known gum specks. The knobs are attached to the rubber sole with a sewing machine. The remaining leather parts are now also applied and processed by hand. Other embellishments such as jewelery stones or cords are glued or sewn by hand. Finally, the front sheet of the shoe is sewn onto the remaining part. In the last step, the seams are pulled and existing unevenness is knocked out of the leather.

The different models

Tod’s Gommino Moccasins

Moccasins are flat shoes without any heel. The Gommino moccasins are probably hardly to surpass comfort. Just slip in and get started. These dream shoes are available for ladies as well as men in many different colors and styles. From classic black to unusual colors like Burgundy red or sky blue, there is something for every fashion taste. You will also be spoiled for choice in the materials of your new dream shoe. The Tod’s Gommino Moccasin is made of simple, embossed leather as well as veal hair, lacquer or nubuck leather. Also suede leather models or the Gommino in Ponyfell optics are among our favorites.

Tod’s Gommino Slipper

For the Fahionistas of this world, the tradition label has even brought another version of Tod’s Gommino on the market: the Gommino Slipper. The term slipper is more or less an assortment for moccasins and Loafer; in the case of Tod’s, however, the Gommino slippers are characterized by their heel. You can easily slip into the slippers, almost like a slipper. Also the Gommino Slippers are available in many different color nuances and in a wide variety of different leather styles. Whether you’re looking for a playful cord or a classic T-metal clip with a logo engraving, the Gommino Slippers are almost unbelievable in design, combined with unique comfort.

The prices

The Gommino you are concerned about shoes, unfortunately definitely in the higher price segment arrange. For a new moccasin you pay depending on Model between 340 € and 480 €. Also the Gommino slippers are in this price segment. However, we have a good news for you: In the second hand, you’ll find the Gomminos already for under 100 €. Preloved Tod’s Gomminos in really flawless condition are even from 150 € to be found.

But you must be fast on the second hand, the Tod’s Gomminos are currently among the most popular preloved finds and are sold quickly.

Tod’s Gommino: So you wear them best!

Tod’s Gommino moccasins and slippers in spring and summer

Even if the Gomminos from Tod’s have always missed new designs and patterns over the years, the label has always remained true to its line. The original style from the late 70s has been retained on all models. Vintage style is now totally hip!

In the summer, you wear Tods Gomminos to skirts and dresses. Wear a blue and white striped blouse dress with classic, light blue Gommino moccasins. The American actress Kate Bosworth wears her metallic mokkassins to washed-out jeans jeans and a white cotton blouse. Gentlemen wear the Gomminos most casually to jeans and a white cotton shirt. You can also wear the Gomminos in the office. They look elegant and simple and also super comfortable. So if you combine with a costume or a suit the perfect choice. However, you should make sure that your look with the Gomminos does not look boring. Therefore, you should avoid combining them with a classic polo shirt and chino pants.

Slippers are particularly popular in spring and summer in the fashion world. Since they are open at the back, your feet have enough air to breathe – very pleasant, even on hot days even in Germany sometimes more than 30 degrees. The Gommino Slippers from Tod’s are our favorites for the hot months of the year, whether they are simple or in metallic look with drawstring. Especially cool we find them in flashy bangles or in metallic look.

Tods’s Gommino moccasins in autumn

No question the Gommino moccasins are the perfect summer shoes, but if you want to wear the chic parts in autumn, we have good news: when it gets colder, you can wear your favorite pieces with trendy socks. Okay, this style is not something for everyone. But combined, you get a really cool look. It’s best to choose eye-catching, colorful socks that match your Tod’s Gomminos in color. Better risk something rather than wearing a boring outfit. Life is simply too short not to live out all its fashion ideas.

Secondhand & Vintage

Tod’s Gommino Mokkassins are the classics among the shoes, which simply can not be missing in any shoe cabinet. Their timeless design makes them always trendy. But it is well-known that the design shoes are not exactly affordable. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at second hand shops. Here you have the chance to get your design room in a very good condition at a bargain price. At Catchys you’ll find a wide selection of preloved shoes and second season models from Tod’s. In addition, you even have the chance to get a real vintage part, which is no longer produced and is no longer just a piece off the shelf, but one that has already written fashion history! Do not worry about the originality of your favorite song. Catchys only leads you to trustworthy partner shops, who have thoroughly checked the products before resale. Have fun shopping!

Gommino pattern not only for shoes:

You just can not get enough of Gommino? Then you should read now:

The Wave Bag by Tod’s is a real character bag . We immediately fell in love with the wavy silhouette and fine details. And of course she also owns the Gumminoppen known for the label Tod’s, which we know from the Gommino Mokassins and Slippers. Victoria’s Secret Models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Karlie Kloss are among the fans of the Wave Bag with gum specks. Even in the manufacture of his bags, the luxury label of his line remains faithful and always makes them by hand. There are the bags in many different sizes and color nuances, so that the right model should be present for every fashion taste. In addition, you’ll also find trendy shoppers in Gommino style at Tod’s. They are great for shopping with your best friends.

If you still do not have enough of the beautiful Gommino pattern, you should also look at the Diodon Bags from Tod’s. The shoulder bags are overlaid with the gum specks known for the label. Also the box-shaped design and the noble materials contribute to the fact that we have fallen in love with these dream bags. The Diodon Bags with Gumminoppen are also available in many different sizes and color nuances.

Men also find the Gommino pattern in the Tod’s Envelope Bags, which are perfect for the office. The envelope bag with gum specks is available in dark shades such as black, navy blue, dark brown, olive green and mud gray. The only bright color you can find in the suede leather model in light beige.

Even with small accessories such as key chains from Tods you will find the distinctive Gommino pattern. More Gommino does not go!

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