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“Christian Louboutin.” Christian Louboutin

The luxury chair Louboutin is probably every fashionista a concept. But how did the founder Christian Louboutin come up with designing luxury shoes? We have the answer for you: At the age of 11 Christian saw a signboard in a Parisian museum stuck on stilettos, which meant that women with these shoes were forbidden to enter the museum. Yes, you heard correctly, this very sign sparked the love of shoes with the young Frenchman. He began with his first designs and wanted to equip the dancers of the Paris Variety Theater with his shoes. Unfortunately, money problems prevented him from doing so. That’s why Christian decided to learn and work with famous luxury labels like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. In the 90s he finally opened his own shop and offered exclusive shoemaking. However, the French breakthrough ultimately succeeded through the American luxury department store Neiman Marcus, which offered his shoemaking models for sale. Today, the luxury designer is an international Hollywood star among his regular customers. Christian Louboutin exclusively designs bags, small leather goods and shoes for men and women and is particularly known for his dizzying high heels, which are already 13 cm. Under the designs of the French fashion designer, there is something for every fashion taste. Whether extravagant, seductive with striking rivet studs or in classic patent leather – Louboutin makes women’s hearts beat higher. The Louboutin Pigalle are the classics under the shoes of the luxury label.


Needless to say, the Louboutin Pigalle also wear the red sole known for the label. But have you always wondered what it is about her? When Christian Louboutin held a prototype of the Pensee Pumps in the early 90s, he wondered how he could give the model the final touch. When one day he saw one of his co-workers painting his nails with a red varnish, the idea came to him. In short, he lent the paint off and brushed the sole of the Pensee pumps red and voliá was born the characteristic red sole of Louboutin, which today is the trademark of the label.



Trends come and go – classics remain. This includes what shoes definitely affects the Pigalle pumps of Louboutin. The model is now available for more than 10 years and is one of the best-selling shoes of the designer. True to the motto completely or not at all, the pigalle with 120 mm paragraphs are the best-known version of the shoe classics. However, the model is also available with 85 mm and 100 mm heels. In addition, you should note that the Pigalle Pumps are known for their small toe area and their narrow cut. Therefore, we recommend you to take your shoes at most a half size larger.


The design Louboutin Pigalle Follies is a mix of the Louboutin Pigalle Pumps and the So Kate Pumps. Among the Pigalle Follies you have the widest range of shoe heels: they are both very flat, with 55 mm, 100 mm and 120 mm heels. The toe area is a little wider for the Pigalle Follies than for the Pigalle but not as large as for the So Kate Pumps from Louboutin. In addition, you’ll find a padded insole in the follies, which guarantees you a comfortable wearing comfort even after several hours. So if you’re looking for a sexy high heel that is comfortable to wear, the Pigalle Follies are the perfect choice for you.


In addition to the stunning design, the design shoes are also known for their first-class materials. The French designer had set himself the task of designing not only shoes to fall in love but also to wear. For this reason, wearing comfort should not be left out of the way. For the production of his models, he mainly uses soft, worked leather. The louboutin pigments are preferably made of suede, which is particularly suitable for use as a leather soft and elegant. For its more striking models, the designer prefers to use lacquer leather to create a rocky, feminine look. The designer also attaches great importance to good quality during the remaining processing of the shoe. Seams and soles are characterized by first-class workmanship and longevity.


The Louboutin Pigalle are definitely in the higher price class compared to other designer shoes. For a new model you pay up to 550 €. In the second hand you will find the Pigalle already for 350 €. The models are in the same price frame despite different sales heights. So if you’ve hoped to buy the Pigalle Follies with 55 millimeters for less money, we unfortunately have to disappoint. Unusual variants like the Louboutin Pigalle from python leather cost even scarcely 1000 €.

The flat Pigalle Follies you get at Louboutin for 450 €. The higher Follies models also cost 550 € like the classic Louboutin Pigalle. These models are second-hand highly sought-after finds, which are sold in seconds. In addition, you should keep in mind that Louboutin is known to change the prices of its models frequently.

The styling / combination possibilities

The fact that the Pigalle Pumps from Louboutin are beautiful to fall in love is no question. They are also true all-round talents. The style timeless and portable for many years. A nude colored patent leather model can be worn both during the day at work to a fine costume as well as in the evening to a chic evening dress. But the nude colored pigalle also look very good in an all-denim look. Louboutin Pigalle in black patent leather is perfect for a rocky evening look. Combine them with black, torn jeans, a colorful print shirt and a black leather jacket. Also the black smooth leather Pigalle Pumps with rivets fit perfectly to this look and definitely look for.

It-Girl Olivia Palermo is wearing her black patent leather models to a black blazer, a black lap top and black shorts. With subtle gold jewelery she rounds off her look. If you would like to get more attention, like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, we recommend the Louboutin Pigalle Pumps in gold with glitter. In the film Sarah Jessica Parker wears a white silk dress and a strikingly large golden sunglasses. Thumbs up for this look. Louboutin Pumps you can buy for the work or events, you should at best buy a half size larger, so that even comfortable Einlegesohlen have space and you do not suffer even after horrible foot pain after several hours.

Care instructions

The same applies to the Louboutin Pigalle as with other genuine leather shoes. No matter whether you want to wear patent leather or suede to enjoy your dream shoes for a long time, you should waterproof them before wearing them. Dust and fingerprints on patent leather shoes can easily be wiped with a slightly damp cotton cloth. In addition, there are special cleaning products for lacquer leather, which you can use to clean your Louboutin Pigalle after cleaning. So that your Louboutin Pigalle Pumps keep their shape you should absolutely use shoe tensioner. Louboutin Pigalle made of suede is particularly sensitive and open-pore. Dirt and moisture can penetrate particularly easily. For this kind of leather, there are special brushes with which you can brush out small dirt. After this process the pile of the shoe has to be brushed again with a rubber brush.

The red sole of your Louboutin Pigalle Pumps can only be used on indoor carpets. On the asphalt, the leather sole bursts very quickly. Therefore you should spare your Louboutins and not wear them every day. If you still need a new sole after some time, many shoe-makers now also produce red soles. An important tip to the end: in rainy weather you should have a second pair of shoes. Pack a pair of shoes with rubber sole. The delicate leather sole can soften easily. After all, nobody really wants to get wet feet.

Secondhand & Vintage

Nobody would like to spend his entire shopping bout or even more for a single pair of shoes. Louboutin Pigalle Pumps are an unachievable dream even for the majority of women. We have a solution for you: On Catchys you will find some Louboutin second hand shoes at a lower price compared to the original price at the Louboutin Store. The dreamlike design has already established itself in the second hand market. With good care these are also preloved still in a good condition available. The design of the Louboutin Pigalle is absolutely timeless, so that even models from older collections are still wearable today. Older models you get in second hand for 250 €, newer models for about 350 €.

Despite the seductive prices in the second hand, caution is called for. You should be careful not to fall for a counterfeiting of product piracy. Therefore we recommend you to buy your Louboutin Pigalle Pumps only in absolutely trustworthy shops. Catchys will only forward you to verified partner shops who have thoroughly checked the originality of your dream shoes before resale. In our magazine article, you will also find helpful tips and tricks to distinguish original Louboutin shoes from Fakes. Have fun while reading!

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