Panama Jacks or Timberland Boots? Which brand for which type!

What do superstars like Khloé Kardashian, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Angelina Jolie have in common? Except that they are all super rich ?! – The answer is clear: At least one pair of the legendary Timberland Boots or the Panama Jack Boots are in the closet. We too have succumbed to the hype around the leather boating. After all, the pieces withstand the cold in both autumn and winter without problems and still look extremely good. Sure, we also bring out Timberland Boots or Panama Jack Boots in mud and snow again and again.

For those who grew up with MTV, the Backstreet Boys, US rap and reality shows, Timberland Boots epitomize what the Manolos are to Carrie Bradshaw. Timberlands are the cult shoe par excellence. But anyone who wants to be cool, it has now: The Panama Jack Boots. Currently, both labels are experiencing an absolute revival. No wonder, both look not only cool, but can be combined as an all-rounder to everything – the casual jeans, but also the knit dress! But who has the choice, is also in torment, because what type of Timberland boots fit – and to which the Panama Jack Boots? We’ll tell you! No matter if curvy, petite or small: there is the right pair of boots for every woman. Timberland boots are more of a retro character, while Panama jack boots are more robust in design. In addition, the latter have a country touch and come over much harder.

Timberland Boots and Panama Jack Boots at Figure 1: Slim & Tall

If you’re tall and have been blessed with slim and long legs, then you can take it easy on both versions: Both Timberland Boots and Panama Jack Boots will stand you. The reason: your long legs can absolutely tolerate the robust design of the Panama Jack Boots. Since Timberland Boots are a bit softer, it is now logical that you will agree to these too. Timberland boots, for example, combine with tight skinny jeans, a jumper and a leather jacket to add a touch of casual life to your everyday look. Do you like it a little more sporty and robust, then Panama Jack Boots fit extremely well to such a styling. Our tip: With girly dresses and skirts, Panama Jack Boots make a nice break in style and draw everyone’s attention to you. Our winner for the type 1 women are therefore also the Panama Jack Boots.

Timberland Boots and Panama Jack Boots for Figure Type 2: Small & slim with rather short legs

Timberland boots, with their low shaft height and loose fit, will instantly build longer legs and cheat you a few inches taller. In comparison, Panama Jack Boots have a higher shaft and are rather unfavorable for short legs due to the more robust design. It’s best to style your Timberland boots with casual jeans looks. Checked shirts are especially cute. Leather jackets or down jackets are also the perfect complement to the Timberland boots. If you like to send a tick, grab your 7/8 pants and a blazer. We prefer to combine a sweater or a T-shirt. Our tip: combine midi dresses with a pair of tights with the Timberlands in beige. Therefore, our winner for Figure Type 2 is definitely the Timberland Boots.

Timberland Boots and Panama Jack Boots for Figure Type 3: Curvy with stronger calves

Problem zone legs? Not with our tips: Especially gorgeous and special with both the Timberland Boots and the Panama Jack Boots. For tall women, the Panama Jack Boots are the perfect choice. For small women, however, the Timberland Boots are the must have. As a small is here a size less than 1.62 cm – as large we evaluate everything that lies above. Timberland boots have a smaller shaft and are therefore more suitable for small women. They adapt to your calf form without cutting. Our tip for small women: combine Timberland boots with tight pants. This can be a leggings, skinny jeans or 7/8 pants. It is important that you keep your fingers away from wide pants and skirts, because that makes you look even smaller visually And cheating on a few more kilos. We like to combine the Timberland Boots with a pair of jeans and a blouse, which we put in the waistband. For short coats or leather jackets fit great. Even with tight midi dresses and shift dresses, the Timberlands look just cool and make your look look much more valuable. Just try a floral dress with a denim jacket and you’ll see how many jealous glances you’ll get.

Big women grab a pair of the iconic Panama Jack Boots, because with the high shaft the Must Haves direct the focus on your legs. This is how your curvy silhouette looks harmonious overall. Our tip here: You should definitely wear short skirts and dresses with the Panama Jack Boots. For just here you score with your full femininity. We love to wear leather skirts with floral blouses and a long coat. But also a midi skirt with a T-shirt and a cardigan can be upgraded by your Panama Jack Boots to a special look.

Quick Check: Timberland Boots or Panama Jack Boots?

If you still can not decide which boots you will call your own, then we will give you a quick check with the most important facts for your decision. Timberland boots are especially suitable for you if you like casual looks that include a lot of jeans and leather. You love to wear parka with a leggings or like to switchst on the flower dress with the denim jacket. Timerbland boots have a slightly shorter shaft than the Panama Jack Boots and are therefore a must-have for small women. Panama Jack Boots are the must have for all down jackets. If you love midi skirts, casual denims and tight variations, and do not let go of short coats, blazers, quilted jackets, 7/8 trousers and plaid shirts then your must have is Panama Jack Boots.

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