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If you think of Woodstock, the good music comes first, but of course the legendary hippies and their still very popular fashion. Also Maxikleider were a very important part in the wardrobe of each hippie girl. Whether with playful flounces, in the Boho style or as a simple jersy dress – even today Maxikleider are totally hip again and just in the summer no fashionista would like to do without their long, sweeping dress. The designers also present their interpretations of the Maxikleids in the modem sets of the world. Grab the must-have of the season and thus a touch Woodstock!

The history:

Even if the hippie movement has set some trends, she has invented the Maxikleid but by no means. Even the ladies in antiquity have worn long, flowing clothes. Draped with several layers of fabric and floor-length, this was almost the birth of Maxikleides. Even in the Middle Ages or in the Renaissance, long dresses were simply worn. The women even only leg or even ankle show was completely unthinkable and did not correspond to the fashion at all.

It was only in the 1920s that the skirts became shorter. The women became bolder, wore short hair, and danced the Charleston in glittering, tufted fringes. The long Maxidress was no longer so much in demand and came back later.

In the thirties, it was again a little chatterier the clothes kept their length, but lost the shimmering glamor. The Maxikleid moved into the focus in the 40’s and was among the most popular with Hollywood’s stars and starlets. With large and colorful prints the starlets could feel particularly feminine and float over the red carpet. After this kind of the dress then only once out of fashion, then in the 60s the normal woman to the Maxikleid in the style of the celebrities of the 40s.

In the 70s then, the Maxikleid came back into fashion. Not only violas made headlines, but minirks also enjoyed great popularity. Musicians like Janis Joplin or fashion icon Jane Birkin coined the style of the 70s, in which the Maxikleid also took its place. Popular were colorful patterns, the more the better. It should also look something downstairs, in the hippie-chic and woodstock style.

In the following decades fashion was preferred to mini, mini and mini again, the mini skirt became more and more popular and finally had the climax in the 00s: the waistband was deeper than deep and the length was shorter than short. Of course, the Maxikleid was not dead all the time. On the Red-Carpets of this world the stars still liked to be in long robes. This is still so today and the Maxikleid has also returned to the everyday dresses of women of all kinds. Light fabrics, different styles and details up to the turning off, today’s Maxikleider leave nothing to be desired. Also the Who-is-Who the designer puts on the long dress. Floral and colorful at Balenciaga and Gucci, minimalist and clean at Céline or elegant in earth tones at Loewe, the Maxikleid has infinitely many faces. This season is simply not around the good piece around. And if the ancient ladies knew what is good, then we should probably listen to them and quickly reach the Maxikleid.


The Maxikleid is not only very popular on the runways, but also on the streets of the whole world. Many love it on holiday, shopping or going out – Maxikleider are simply an absolute must have and belong to every wardrobe since this summer. They are incredibly comfortable, conjure up a great silhouette and fit into every figure. You will also find the right model for every occasion. Whether it’s long sleeves, bandeau, chiffon or jersey dresses, stylish flounces or ruffles, high waist or waist belt, there is really nothing that does not exist. And in contrast to the mini skirt or dress, you do not have to worry about the fact that you can sit wrong and look so deeply, we all know the unfortunate snapshots of Paris Hilton and Co getting off the car, which happens with a Maxikleid does not guarantee. With so many advantages and such a huge selection the decision according to the favorite model is not as easy as it is experienced. Here at a glance we have the Must Haves of the season in Maxikleider at a glance. Find your favorite!


The Maxikleid in Boho-Style

The Boho look is still fully trendy and totally trendy. Also Maxikleider are predestined for the playful style, which is also inspired by the hippies. Most of all, fashionable fabrics, such as chiffon, a dreamy floral print and details like fringes and tassels, boho maxi dresses make the hearts of every fashionista beat faster. They are perfect for the holiday, but also in the normal everyday madness you are so always perfectly attracted. If you like it feminine and floral, with a Maxikleid in the Boho look exactly right. For all Boho fans were also particularly beautiful copies offered in the SS 17 collection of Roberto Cavalli, this is the Bohomaxikleid at its best!

The Bandeau Maxikleid

The sun is shining, the sea is rustling, the wind is blowing through your hair, your feet dig in the warm, wet sand and what is missing? The perfect beach dress course. A shoulder-length bandeaumaxikleid makes you the ultimate beachbabe. Whether in colorful or simple plain colors, with print or without, small embroidery or appliqués, the summer makes even more fun and the walk to the beach becomes your personal catwalk. The main feature: Even bikini or bathing suit can easily be worn under a comfortable bandeau dress. The beach is waiting for you!

The volant Maxikleid

Another trend this season: Volants. On the shoulders, on the sleeves, even on the trouser legs, flounces are felt everywhere. Even Maxikleider are often and often decorated by the feminine playful details. Volants give each and every simple dress a stylish touch, whether you like it bigger or smaller. In the fiery flamenco style or trendy off-shoulder, with volants, maxi-dresses are anything but dull. You should also try to take your everyday life with such a model and reach for your elven vest.




Maxi dresses are so incredibly versatile, so there are of course also a lot of possibilities to style and combine them. Whether casual, playful, chic or cool, any taste can be served with the right Maxikleid. But the perfect dress to find the right occasion is not even easy. As a small suggestion here three options Maxikleider to stylen. Maybe your favorite combo is there too!

Casual and relaxed

Maxikleider is very well suited for the everyday casual look as it is not only comfortable, but also super cool. How about a simple, figurative bandeau dress in black or gray? For this, white sneakers are combined and as eye-catchers there are stylish statement-earrings. So you have a super casual style combined with a feminine touch. If it gets colder, a tough leather jacket lends the extraportion of casualness.

Feminine and romantic

Maxi dresses are perfect for a romantically playful look, whether as a wedding guest or for the first date, in the right model you all convince. Perfect for the feminine style is a Maxikleid in the Boho style. Long and flowing, in earthy tones with a delicate floral pattern and flounces, this can not be lacking fine sandals and a romantic braid. In this outfit you will become the ultimate hippie princess. In addition, you can save on accessories here, because the look should look no case overload, the dress alone is already enough statement.

Stylish and elegant

The stars on the red carpet make it possible, with a Maxikleid the best glamor looks. At any evening event or trendy event you can shine with the right Maxikleid and become the absolute eye-catcher. It is particularly elegant with a red off-shoulder model in bright red. A wide waist belt conjures up a dream figure and with exciting high heels you become a star. In the matching clutch you can put all the things you need. Turn the next party into a Red Capet, with your Oscar tire Maxikleid.

Maxi dresses are the must-have, no one can get past them. For every figure and size there is definitely the right model, even if the search takes a little longer, as soon as you have found your favorite model, you just want to wear it. Since the clothes are available in every conceivable style, no one can escape. Whether you prefer hippie or glamourgirl, style or flower-queen, with the appropriate Maxikleid everything is possible. Now you just have to find your favorites and before you know the Maxikleid is an integral part of your wardrobe and not to be imagined. Put a fashion statement in your new maxi dress!

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