How to wear: Bauchtaschen

Admittedly, belted pockets or belt pockets do not have a very simple image. Gone are the days in which they are only associated with the red light miu, because the ladies have to have their hands free on the roadside. The price for the greatest fashion life has definitely won the belt bag. After all, since the 80s it has been the exclusive accessory of leisure park tourists and flea market vendors. Without wanting to give in to prejudices, they are not considered as the most stylish beings.

But the bag is celebrating a big comeback on the runway thanks to Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Isabel Marant and Marni. And they also belong to the It-Bags of the decade in the streetstyle stars. But stylishly, the belted pockets are so far, well, not at all. But that will change. The hip bags conquer our wardrobes as high-class versions. Every true modem girl should now call her a piece of her own. Now the belt bag is no longer predominantly combined with tennissocks and trek sandals, but celebrates her fashionable comeback with casual, cool and even noble designs. Forms and materials are, of course, also new.

The advantage of a belly pocket

The biggest advantage of the belt bag is probably that you have all hands free. In addition, such a bag is beautifully light. So you do not even need to pack the idea of ​​unnecessary ballast. Apart from the most important companions usually does not fit much into such a piece. Whether from fabric, velvet or leather – belt pockets are above all one thing: absolutely practical! Especially when a shopping tour with your girlfriend, a Kinobesuch or a glorious partynacht. Also the styling is super easy. Depending on the occasion and your taste, belt pouches can look almost to any style. Whether for simple jeans, a casual jumpsuit or a noble Maxikleid – you have everything you need in no time and always hands free. Perfect! different colors and designs. Of course the models in Damier Canvas or the Monogram Canvas still remain.

Here our styling rules for the Gucci Bauchtasche & Co .:

The Dos:

  • • For a casual look: Combine your belt bag with a clean jeans
  • • Complete monochrome outfits from head to toe are very elegant
  • • High-quality materials and shades take the trash image to the outfit

If the belt bag is almost back to last season, then you wear it now across the chest. We mocked at the Fashionshow of Louis Vuitton. The Must Have is the model out of the hype cooperation of the Paris luxury label with Supreme. Just by using a clip around the waist belt is now too boring you, then you should put the belt bag around the shoulder now and then so as a shoulder bag replacement style.

The Don’ts:

  • • Avoid looking with sporty pants or skirts
  • • Neon colors to a belt bag – so your outfit does not look high-quality
  • • Black fishnet stockings are more reminiscent of the Red Light Mile

The Fashion Revival of the Bauchaschen: So you stylize it correctly

The relic of the 1990s, designers such as Gucci, Chanel or Alexander Wang miss an absolutely stylish update. But how do we carry the ingenious it pieces? This is where our style inspiration comes from a starstyle, classic chic, metallic cool to soft pastels – with which you will always be gold-plated and surely provide envious looks. On the belt pockets and go!

Star Style: Kendall Jenner loves belt bags

There is hardly a day when top model Kendall Jenner is not swept without a belt bag. In doing so she demonstrates her fashion skills excellently and demonstrates how effortlessly a belt bag can be combined with every look. At Kendall, a skinny pair of jeans with a Dior T-shirt and a jeans jacket joins a Gucci bag in black. And at the same time the superstar also takes a no-name vintage model and then switches between designer parts of Chanel, Prada and Supreme .

The classic of the belt bag

The Luxury labels love the relaxed belt pockets and they prefer their belts to their hips on the ready-to-wear shows. And this in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Favorits are the classic models of Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Dior. The classics are usually made of black leather and fascinate with a striking gold logo or label emblem. The great thing about such a bag is that it is absolutely timeless and can be easily integrated into every look. Much wrong can you here so definitely not. That is why the must-have is staged in a skilful style break. You can wear a Gucci bag in summer to a Jeansshorts with a T-shirt. But also in the fall to a skinny jeans with a sweater, ankle boots and a parker. The only important thing is to put the sweater into the belt pocket.

It is particularly nice if you do not carry the belt bag in the middle, but slightly laterally. For an absolute eyecatcher, you can create monochrome looks in pink, white or any other color with such a belt pouch. So you put the focus skillfully on the Hip Bag and can score with pure style. With the labels Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior and Marni you will be able to find exactly such great models.

The metallic belt pocket

In the 80s, the dealers were the cool fashion girls! The belt pockets in the futuristic metallic look immediately bring us a good-mood vibe. The eye-catching pieces are super-easy to style in your daily looks.

Of course the Must Haves look unbeatable in the summer. In this sense: Welcome Back! Our styling tip for you: The Metallic Belt Bag will take your eyes on you, if you are also ready to show self-confidence. Because the items are really nothing for gray mice. To a short Jeansshorts with a tank top or T-shirt it looks already perfectly. Especially denim pieces look just unbeatable with the metallic tone. Therefore you should always choose a part from jeans. This can be a jeanshort, a jeans skirt, a jeans shirt or even a classic jeans – the main thing is jeans in the game! To do this, you’ll dress a piece as you like. Currently, however, woodcutters shirts, hoodies and leather jackets are popular with metallic belt bags. This styling is more suitable for eye-catching types, who love the rock, eccentric and su-negligent style. You’ll be able to find the perfect models for labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Valentino and Moschino.

Belt pockets in soft pastel shades

The belt pockets can not only be cool, but also romantic, the designs prove in soft pink to nude tones. Labels such as Isabel Marant, Celine, Chloe, Fendi and Versace supply us with these must-haves. For a bohemian style, an ethno look or for romantic-elegant outfits you should choose a belt bag in a nude tone. Then you can stylize with flowing tops and delicate lace edges to a casual style break.

It is very cool when you carry the belt bag over your shoulder. What is important with such a style is that the belt bag can be adapted to the elegant look. This is exactly what the pastel tones, glitter, and the loop look of the design. To a white Maxikleid with a white Tank Top look pink belt pockets just as great as to a print dress with a Jeansjacke. Instead of the tank top, you can also choose casual blouses and shirts. Also jeans skirts, leather skirts and pants can be combined to the Must Have easy. You can wear such a model over the whole year. With boots, a leather skirt, a dark coat and a pastel sweater, the whole thing is absolutely winter-ready. In addition, you can customize your other accessories to the sound of your belt bag. Perfection has never been so easy!

Bauchtaschen in the quick check: How to style

Elegant: For such a style, a Gucci belted pocket or belt pockets made of smooth leather or suede. The color black is particularly beautiful. Here you can combine the belt bag with every look that you would have chosen with a black handbag. For the summer, an outfit of a mini skirt and a car-men blouse with Roman sandals is perfect. In winter you are absolutely en vogue with a chic of a biker jacket, skinny jeans, boots and a sweater.

Casual: You love the ethno trend? Then you grab a suede-bait bag with Animalprint and combine it to your fringe-cape and a miniskirt or maxi-skirt. Do you like urban-plakativ? Then you belt a belt bag with labelprint around your hips and style this to a skinny jeans, a T-shirt, a bomber jacket and sneakers.

Trendy: Leather belt pockets have the advantage of being subtle and fast in their street style of leather skirt, Oversized hoodie and ankle boots. Currently leather shoes with reptile embossing or those in the trend form of Saddlebags are popular. Very cool, these belt pockets have a leggings, sneakers and a noble top. If you choose such a direction, then the top must be noble, in order to avoid a trash style. For the hip party style, you replace the sneakers with high heels and choose a blouse with a nice cleavage.

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