DesignerCatch: 5 facts about Prada you did not know yet

Behind the world-famous fashion company Prada is Miuccia Prada, the chief designer and granddaughter of Mario Prada. In 1914, Mario and his brother founded the company in Milan. At first Prada had luxury leather goods such as bags , suitcases and gloves. The great breakthrough and a worldwide success was achieved by Miuccia Prada by invented a bag of black parachute nylons in 1985.

Prada stands today for detailed collections, kitsch and the surreal combination of different styles. Now find five facts about the Italian brand, which you certainly did not know yet.

1. Graduate designer

Although Miuccia’s whole family worked in the Prada factory, the knowledge-hungry granddaughter and daughter did not want to enter the fashion sector. She studied and promoted in political science in Milan, went to a drama school and became involved in the women’s rights movement in Milan. At the age of 28, she took over the family business and named herself a feminist of the fashion industry.

2. Queen of the bath key

As is well known, there is a dispute about taste. Miuccia Prada is considered the queen of bad taste in fashion. Why? Their collections are not “beautiful” in the classical sense. It does not follow the line, as it is successfully pursued by Lagerfeld for Chanel. There is no typical Prada style. Prada surprises every season with other looks, combining patterns and styling as wild. Usually the sock does not fit to the shirt and the pants do not fit into the coat. But precisely these confused combinations are what fashion lovers want. Miuccia Prada experimented a lot with fabrics and is very detailed. Transparent tulle to paillette-embroidered jacquard, checkered plaid with check pattern: wild, creative and always different – that’s Prada.

3. Catherine Martin and Miuccia Prada Dress Gatsby

In 2013 the new version of The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio stormed the cinemas. The love story is characterized by incredibly elaborate costumes, breathtaking clothes and beautiful hair decoration. The style of the twinkling twenties runs through the film, as does the up and down of Daisy and Gatsby. For the costumes the scene and costume designer Catherine Martin co-operated with Miuccia Prada. All the costumes shown at the splendid parties were designed by Prada.

4. Miu Miu, a nickname becomes the modemarke

The success of Prada followed in 1993 a new project of the chief designer. She founded the daughter Miu Miu . Miu Miu’s nickname is Miu Miu – the label is younger, more cheeky, more kitsch than the big sister Prada. Miu Miu is a heart project for Miuccia – the label is full of style and taste.

5. Husband and business partner

Prada is married to her business partner Patrizio Bertelli and has two children with him. She met him as an employee at Prada, later he became her husband and chief executive of Prada, Miu Miu, Churchs and Car Shoe. Prada appreciates the input of her husband very much, he also helped the brand to a trillion empire.

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